Whether you’re saltwater or freshwater fishing in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia, live bait is one of the best methods for catching fish. While catching bait is always an option, it requires time. Stopping in at a local live bait store to load up can save valuable time.  Doing a little research will help you find the best bait shop near me.

Why Is Live Bait Important?

Stopping in at a local bait shop to purchase live bait can make your fishing day far more productive. Live bait is one of the most effective methods for catching freshwater and saltwater species.

When presenting food that is natural to the fish will lead to more strikes. The combination of smell, movement, and appearance entice the predator. Beyond this combination, the live bait appears as though it is in distress, thus reducing the effort needed by the sport fish to bite it.

Where Are The Best Bait Shops Located

Some areas of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina have many live bait shops to choose from, whereas others are limited.

Whether you’re fishing a lake, river, coastal area, or ocean, live bait can be purchased for fishing in any of these water bodies. Most bait shops will be situated on the shoreline because the store pumps water directly from the lake or ocean to keep the baitfish or shrimp alive.

The tanks require oxygenated water with continuous flow. Improper water flow will cause the bait to die, and the store will lose out on sales.

Easiest Ways To Find The Best Bait Shop Near Me

Finding the best bait shop near me is simple. Use your phone or computer and search best bait shop near me. Look through the list and find the stores that are closest to you. Read through the reviews to be sure previous customers have been satisfied with the bait they have purchased. Put the address in the GPS and be on your way to the bait store.

Considerations When Selecting The Best Bait Shop Near Me

Always call ahead. Bait shops run out of live bait because of demand or scarcity of bait available. Avoid wasting your time driving to the shop when they don’t have what you need. Check in with other live bait stores in the area.

Live bait is also available by boat if you keep the vessel in your backyard or at a marine facility. Most marinas have a bait shop to load up without having to get into the car.

Why Is it Important To Trust A Bait Shop

Avid fisherman need to find a bait shop that can be trusted. Both availability and quality are important. When bait ships run out of bait frequently or the fresh bait dies quickly the store becomes hard to trust. Develop a relationship to help reduce cost and increase your chances of buying high quality bait.

How Do You Store Live Bait

Storage is critical. A live bait bucket with an aerator pump and fresh batteries is necessary to keep bait alive. Most bait shops will have a valve to fill the bucket. The fish or shrimp will not survive in tap water. Keep the bucket off of hot surfaces like blacktop and store it in the shade.

Not all live bait swims. Crickets, for example, are excellent for catching panfish. Crickets don’t swim. They must remain dry until they are used. A cricket basket is essential when purchasing them live for fishing.

It’s Time To Head Out To The Best Bait Shop Near Me

Fishing provides entertainment for the whole family. For your best shot at success, use live bait purchased from the best bait shop near me. Some days, fish just won’t bite no matter what you present to them, but that is just how fishing goes.  Remember to bring the supplies needed to keep the bait alive because dead bait is not nearly as effective.