Boating in South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina is an enjoyable family experience, no matter if you’re inland on a lake or out on the ocean. Boats are a great way to get families together because it provides entertainment for everyone on board. It doesn’t matter if you’re a book lover or watersport fanatic. You can do it all when you’re offshore. What are some of the best ways for families to have fun and, in particular, kids boating.

Personalized Dolphin Tour

You will not need to search dolphin tours near me if you have a watercraft.  Hop on your boat and entertain your family by encountering porpuses along the ride. A dolphin watch can be done at low speeds both inshore and offshore in coastal regions.

In North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, porpuses are plentiful. Get the kids seated in a safe area and have them spot a dolphin in the far-off distance. Once they are found more times, they will swim close to the boat for a closer look because they, too, are curious creatures. Pack up the craft and head for a dolphin cruise.


Saltwater or freshwater watersports are one of the primary reasons families purchase watercraft. Wakeboarding, water skiing, and water tubing are some of the most popular towing methods behind the boat.

A tube for boat is the easiest method for young riders because they do not have to pull themselves up when being pulled. Some water tubes are constructed to hold multiple riders at once. Before sending someone out, make sure they are equipped with a lifejacket.

Hand signals are also helpful to notify the person on watch but not the driver when the rider may be done or is asking to slow down.

Young children are also able to take a towable tube ride. The towline can be deployed at a shorter distance behind the boat but far enough to remain clear of the motor. Operate the craft at a low speed.


One of the best ways to access beaches is by boat. Avoid the crowds of public beaches and head to secluded areas that are only accessible by vessels when you’re taking the kids boating.

The family will have the option to lounge on the comfortable seats onboard the craft, swim in a chair, and kick back on the sand.

When anchoring the boat at the beach, use two anchors. The bow anchor will prevent the hull from entering shallow water once it is set after backing down and a stern anchor to keep it perpendicular to the shoreline—more times than not, you can be within feet of the sandy shore.

Once the anchors are set, enjoy swimming in the water, exploring the beach, playing games, or catching up on a bit of sleep in the shade. If you’re in the saltwater, monitor the tide level to avoid becoming beached as the water level drops.


To avoid the heat of the day, go for an evening dining cruise. Pack a cooler with your favorite boat food—drinks, appetizers, sandwiches, desserts, and more. For the ambitious chef on board, consider mounting a boat grill.

An onboard boat grill will allow you to cook hot fresh meals such as steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, vegetables, and everything else imaginable. If you’re not in the mood to cook, consider subs from your favorite shop.

While the family is eating, watch the sun sink beneath the horizon before the starlit sky shows all that it has to offer.

What Kids Boating Activity Is Best For Your Family

You don’t necessarily have to pick just one of these options. A combination of one or more can be an even better day spent on the water. Start the day off by beaching until the sun and heat become too strong. Next, dive into watersports to work up an appetite. Lastly, enjoy the sunset while serving up a meal for both kids and adults. It sounds like a day jammed with entertainment that will keep the family coming back weekly.