One of the most versatile boats perfect for any body of water, including lakes, rivers, and coastal waters, is the center console. A center console is excellent for all water too. These activities include fishing, watersports, and cruising. North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia have an abundance of lakes in the low land and up in the mountains with beautiful scenery. Out of five what is the best center console boat for southern lakes?

What Size Center Console Boat Is Best For Lake Adventures

When it comes to determining what size vessel to purchase when it is primarily used on lakes, consider how many passengers you will typically have on board. The largest lake is Lake Marion, which is in South Carolina and measures over 170 square miles.

The waters on the lakes are typically calm, so a large craft is not necessary. Having the ability to motor into shallow areas for beaching or fishing is also favorable to selecting a boat smaller in size.

Breakdown Of The Best Center Consoles On The Market

Are you in the market for the best center console? Some deciding factors for you and your family may include the best center console boat for rough water or the best center console for the money. Here is a breakdown of the best boats for lakes.

Lowe Boats 20 Bay

If you’re in the market for aluminum center console boats, check out the Lowe 20 Bay is best suited for the fisherman because of the design. It offers casting platforms on both the stern and bow of the boat. However, ample storage and seating is available for pleasure cruising.

Key components

20 feet in length

8 person capacity

Forward and rear baitwell

Welded aluminum construction

150 HP engine rating

Consider aluminum-hulled vessels to save on money. The Lowe 20 Bay is a great option to get you out on the water at a reasonable cost.

Carolina Skiff 178 JLS

Carolina Skiff boats have a reputation of being a well-made boat. The 178 JLS is a perfect vessel to bring the entire family out on the weekend or head out fishing by yourself during the week. The seating is comfortable, and the deck is spacious.

Key components

Just under eighteen feet in length which makes it the best center console boats under 20 feet

5 person capacity

115 maximum horsepower

18-gallon Livewell

This boat is a bit on the small size but offers excellent maneuverability and is built by a dependable company. The 178 JLS is ideal for watersports and fishing.

Cobia 201 CC

If you’re looking for a boat that can handle rough water, this is the one. Cobia boats are known for the deep V hull design that will cut through the waves with ease. The construction is safer for small children because of the height of the gunnels from the deck.

Key components

Over 20 feet in length

Eight person capacity

52-quart cooler

Fish box

Rated to 150 horsepower

The Cobia 201 CC will appear and feel much larger than its size. If you’re looking for added sun protection, consider adding a T-Top as an optional feature.

Parker 1801 CC

Many would consider Parker boats bare bones. We prefer boats that offer more room to move about by maximizing usable space and minimizing dead space. The Parker 1801 CC does precisely that.

Key components

Exactly 18 feet in length

Six passenger capacity

Garman chart plotter and sonar

40-gallon fuel capacity

115 maximum horsepower

If you’re a family with kids of legal age to operate a boat without supervision, the Parker 1801 CC is perfect for this type of family. It doesn’t have the fancy frills, so washing it down is a cinch.

Pioneer Islander 202

Pioneer boats take pride in attention to detail. Not many boat manufacturers produce a better-looking boat than the Pioneer Islander. The cushion coloration, hull flare, and design are unmatched.

Key components

Just under 20 feet in length

Holds up to eight passengers

65-quart cooler

61-gallon fuel capacity

Rated for up to a 175 horsepower engine

If you’re looking for an attention-getter, this is the best bet for you. In addition to its looks, it is highly versatile for both fishing and water sports with a great deal of comfort.

What Center Console Boat Is Right For You

When it comes time to decide what boat to purchase, take into account its primary use. Some of the best center consols are geared more toward fishing, while others provide more comfort for cruising. While a new boat comes nice and shiny with warranties, consider buying used to save some money. Many used boats can be found with a warranty still in place. The internet is an excellent resource for finding new and used boats. Try searching used center console boats for sale if you’re looking for something that is preowned. If you’re in the market for something new, search center console boats for sale near me. A complete list of options will be in front of you. Remember to step onboard and take a look around before committing.