An onboard boat fillet table is highly useful with it comes to fishing and more. Anglers use the board to cut bait when fishing in both saltwater and freshwater. Importantly, fillet tables are easily stowed because the mount construction makes it collapsable. However, they are not beneficial to anglers only. Recreational boaters find fillet tables to be a necessity when grilling or slicing food for onboard guests. Here are the advantages of using a boat fillet table.

Cutting Bait For Fishing

Onboard cutting boards are designed specifically for cutting baitfish. The surfaces are constructed with a high density polyethylene; therefore, they are highly UV resistant, mildew resistant, and crack-free. All of these characteristics are important in cutting bloody fish for bait. 

It should be noted that the onboard cutting boards have an opening at the rear cut in the lower portion of the back wall. The purpose of the space is to rinse blood and fish guts away with hose or bucket of water. Rather than allowing blood and guts to dry on the table, they can be rinsed free.

Take it from me, I have used cutting boards on boats nearly 100 days per year. You don’t want to the blood and guts to dry from the hot sun on the surface. Dried blood and guts are challenging to remove once dried. With that being said, you will be scrubbing the board for extended periods of time. Save yourself the headache after you return back to the dock. 

Securely Store A Knife And Pliers

I have lost plenty of valuable fishing gear overboard despite doing my best not to do so. Conveniently, boat fillet tables are equipped with slots to stow a fillet knife and pliers. 

No need to keep the pliers in your pocket and the knife in a different location; instead, they are easily accessible in one easy place. Remember, if you’re using a table in saltwater, the pliers and knife must be rinsed after use. Without proper cleaning, the blade will rust, and the pliers will seize. I have tossed many pliers as a result of damage from corrosion. Trust me, replacing fishing pliers becomes expensive. 

Keep in mind, if you’re not into fishing and you use the cutting board for cooking while on the water, use the plier’s holders as a spatula holder. Similarly, the knife holder is perfect for steak knives or paring knives. 

Easily Removable

Removability is one of the greatest benefits of a fillet table built for a boat. Without question, nobody wants to permanently affix a cutting board to a fancy center console fishing boat but instead, pull it from deck storage when necessary. 

The vast majority of cutting boards mount directly into gunnel-mounted rod holders. I have owned and used multiple fillet tables designed for boats. The cutting board gimbal mount is adjustable; therefore, the table can always be positioned level. Significantly, when the board is unused, the gimbal mount adjusts to lay flat for storage. 

As a former 200 ton captain, I often fished on sportfishing vessels. We used a board that spanned to rod holders rather than a small single rod holder mounted cutting board. Comparatively, the large board is far more challenging to stow as the mounts are permanently affixed. 

Alternatives To Using A Boat Fillet Table

Don’t assume that a boat fillet table is only used for fishing. Fillet tables are highly versatile, can be used by recreational boaters, and are equally valauble. 

Undoubdabtly pleasure cruisers find the accessory equally as valuable. Take into consideration hosting friends and family aboard a watercraft. Break out the food and use the board to slice cheese, fruits, and vegetables. Importantly, pair the cutting board with an onboard grill. Grill up steaks, chicken, or other meats and slice them hot on the board for your guests to enjoy.

I personally alternate between two cutting boards. One boat cutting board was used strictly for fishing and the other for food preparation. I frequently use a grill onboard when venturing to the beach; therefore, the cutting board is highly useful. 

Boat Fillet Table For Anglers And Recreational Boaters Alike

No matter if you are a recreational boater or angler, you will find a boat fillet table highly useful. Fortunately, the tables are constructed with high quality materials; therefore, it will last for extended periods when properly maintained. I have had my boards for years and use them on a consistant basis. Lastly, ensure they are correctly seated in the rod holder to avoid losing the cutting board.