One of the most popular boating destinations is Wilmington, North Carolina. Boaters have access to waterfront restaurants in the downtown area in addition to quick access offshore through Masonboro Inlet or a short jaunt from the intercoastal waterway.  While you’re in the area, finding a convenient and high-quality gas dock is essential. We will take away the hassle of researching the best marine fuel dock near me. When it comes to boating in Wilmington, we will tell you the best gas dock.

Where Can I Boat In Wilmington, NC?

Wilmington offers no shortage of boating destinations, which is why you will need a boat fuel dock near me. The most popular and secluded beach in the area is on Masonboro Island. Anchor off the coast and swim in for shell hunting, skimboarding, and surf fishing. 

During the evening hours, stop in at the waterfront bar called Marina Grill. Marina Grill features live music, fresh local seafood, cold drinks, and dockage space. After the bar, enjoy the sights of the sunset. 

In Wilmington, the surrounding marsh areas, inlets, offshore waters, and docks offer excellent opportunities to catch fish. The inshore species include redfish, sea trout, and flounder. Offshore fishermen will catch wahoo, dolphin, marlin, and tuna. 

As a result of all of the cruising and fishing opportunities in the area, you’ll need to utilize marinas offering boat gas near me on the water.

What Are The Top Three Gas Docks In Wilmington, North Carolina

Boating in the Wilmington area provides amazing wildlife views, dockside dining, and beaching. It is no wonder why so many people participate in this outdoor activity. Additionally, the winters are short and mild; therefore, you can boat for nearly the entire year. Here are the three top places for marina gas near me in Wilmington, NC.

Wrightsville Beach Marina

Wrightsville Beach Marina sits conveniently on the intercoastal waterway. The full-service marina has two hundred slips plus an abundance of amenities; therefore, it is known as one of the best Wrightsville Beach marinas.

In addition to gasoline and diesel pumps, take advantage of the wifi, restaurants within close range, and the marina store. Staff is on hand seven days a week to assist you with your refueling needs which makes it a top location for boat gas near me. 

Port City Marina

The Cape Fear River is home to Port City Marina Wilmington NC. Wilmington is inland of the intercoastal waterway up the Cape Fear River.

After you take advantage of the fuel pumps, secure the boat, and venture into the city to explore the shopping, dining, and history. The Marina Grill is located at Port City Marina, so grab a bite to eat while you’re here.

Bridge Tender Marina

Conveniently located on the intercoastal waterway near the green #127 channel marker is Bridge Tender Marina. 

This location is ideal for boaters venturing up or down the inland channel because you won’t face any delays diverting from the route. Take advantage of the state-of-the-art fuel pumps, which fill the tanks rapidly. 

While you’re at Bridge Tender Marina, grab a bite to eat at the restaurants within walking distance or load up on supplies from the numerous shops. It is challenging to beat the convenience of Bridge Tender Marina, especially because it offers more than just gas in Wilmington NC.  

Why Is It Important To Know Where Gas Docks Are In The Wilmington Area

As a result of the cities proximity to the intercoastal waterway and open Atlantic ocean, fuel docks are crucial to boaters venturing north or south. Along the journey, vessels will require to take on gas or diesel to reach the end destination. 

Beyond travelers, locals need to find a dependable gas dock to utilize each time they run low. Keep in mind that offshore fishing, watersports, and exploring at high rates of speed will burn gasoline quickly; therefore, refueling will be required more often. The convenience of marina gas docks will have you on your way in short order.

So What Is The Best Gas Dock In Wilmington 

When the time comes to gas up in Wilmington, North Carolina, the best fuel dock is Wrightsville Beach Marina. The marina is conveniently located on the ICW and has all of the amenities that boaters could ask for.  Depending on what part of Wilmington you are boating, you will find man fuel docks near me. However, any of the three will do the trick to top off and keep you on your boating adventure.