One of the best boating destinations in Georgia is the city of Savannah. The waters in the area are home to some of the best inshore fishing and private beach destinations, including Wassaw Island and Ossabaw Island. If you live in the Savannah area or are considering moving to Savannah and are an avid boater or new to boating, consider these marinas centrally located. 

What are the best Savannah marinas

Hogan’s Marina

Hogan’s Marina is fully equipped to handle all of your needs as a boat owner. Depending you’re your preferences, they offer both wet storage and dry racks to suit your needs. In fact, they have 272 dry rack spaces. 

The marina has a live bait shop for the fisherman to purchase live shrimp for fishing adventures. They also have frozen bait and tackle rather than having to make additional stops elsewhere on your way to the dock. After a day of fishing, utilize the fish cleaning station on the premises.

Much like the bait shop, the marina store also allows you to stock up in one spot. The Hogan’s Marina store carries ice, beer, drinks, and snacks if you left something behind or just want to get what you need when you arrive. 

After a trip on the water, top off on gas from the gas pump that the marina operates. You won’t need to travel to gas up. 

If the boat needs to be pulled for service, a lift is on sight and can carry up to 16,000 pounds. The hoist can place the boat on your trailer without having to head to a local ramp. 

The marina is situated on Turner Creek, just off of the Willmington River. The Atlantic ocean is a short journey away, making it ideal for those who enjoy heading offshore. 

Thunderbolt Marina 

Thunderbolt Marina is a popular destination for yachts traveling to the area to be hauled out for service. In addition to the service yard, they have a significant dockage space for both transients and locals. 

Located just slightly more inland than Hogan’s Marina is not restricted by any fixed bridges for access. This is an excellent option for large vessels traveling through or looking for a marina to call home. 

With over 2,000 feet of dock, it has ample dockage space available. On the dock’s are gas and diesel fuel pumps for your convenience. 

The available amenities are ideal to avoid running around to get what is needed. A ship’s store is onsight, showers, laundry facilities, and internet for all marina guests.

Thunderbolt is ideal for those who have large vessels that measure over forty feet in length. Additionally, the marina has excellent amenities and a convenient location. Check out Thunderbolt Marina Savannah. 

Savannah Bend Marina

Even farther inland on the Willmington River is Savannah Bend Marina. This marina offers both wet slips and dry racks depending on what is available and preferred by the boat owner. 

Just next door to the marina is Thunderbolt Baithouse for all of your live bait needs. Stop in and stock up on live shrimp when you’re heading out to fish. 

The marina is equipped with pumps for both diesel fuel and gasoline. Volume-based discounts are available if you have a large tank to fill. 

Savannah Bend Marina has all the amenities that any boater can ask for. Some amenities include showers, a laundry room, a ship store to stock up on snacks and ice, grills to cook up the fresh catch, and more. 

For the local boater, you can’t ask for a much better facility. Savannah Bend Marina’s only drawback is that it is further inland than the previous two marinas, so the run time is a bit longer to open water. 

What Is The Best Overall Marina In Savannah? 

Although these three each have something great to offer, many other marinas are available in the greater Savannah, Georgia, area. One way to compile a list of marinas is to do an internet search on your phone, computer, or table. Use the search term best marinas near me. Each of the three on the list has benefits and drawbacks. Still, overall, Hogan’s Marina Savannah has many great amenities and close access to the ocean and barrier islands lining the ocean. A longer drive in the car from your home will likely pay off instead of a long run in a boat to your favorite marine destination.