Some of the best fishing in the United States is in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina because of all of the bodies of water. These three states have an abundance of lakes, creeks, rivers, streams, and of course, inland and offshore fishing along the hundreds of miles of coastline. With all of the fishing opportunities, these states have anglers of all experience levels. Some are just beginning to get into the sport, while others are at the professional level for freshwater or saltwater fishing. What does the term Googan mean when referring to someone who is going fishing?

How to define a fishing googan

Let’s face it; you don’t become a pro the first time you venture out to try your luck at fishing. Fishing requires research, practice, and patience. 

A googan is someone who is blatantly clueless about the process of fishing. To define a googan, it would be someone who has no regard for any angler in the vicinity, does not present a type of lure or bait suitable for the body of water the person is fishing and talks tales of big fish without ever catching anything. 

Examples of a Googan

Ties on an artificial worm for bass fishing at a saltwater pier

Casts across other anglers with the assumption that the lines won’t become tangled

Utilizes a rod and reel that is for much a much heavier weight class fish

Drives a boat at high speeds through areas where boats are anchored to fish and sets the anchor within close proximity

Never purchases a fishing license because they are oblivious to the fact that it may be a law

Much like failing to purchase a license, googans fail to bring along a regulations chart and keep fish that are closed for the season or too small in size. 

How to avoid being a googan

Avoiding being deemed a googan is quite simple. Follow these few tips to avoid being laughed at, stared down, or even worse, slapped with hefty fines by law enforcement.

Internet research

Before you leave the house, do a little research. The internet is filled with helpful tips to give you a general sense of what is needed and how to catch fish. Many websites will provide details such as the rod and reel size, best bait or lures, and techniques to make the day a success. 

Television Fishing Shows

If you’re not much into reading or utilizing the internet, turn on a televised fishing show. Television fishing shows are informative. They can help you better understand the process because it is seen with your own eyes. However, the host and guests on the show are almost always highly experienced anglers. Lastly, it’s a show. A show is designed to entertain. They may have had to work their butts off to catch just a few fish but will act as though it was non-stop action. 

Watch the real action and learn

Sit back for a few moments and watch what the other anglers are doing, whether it be on the shore, a pier, boat, or any other location. You may even want to make a few trips to the fishing destination without intending to fish. Monitor where they cast, how far they stay apart from each other, what rods, reels, and bait are used, how they react to a strike from a fish, and how to handle a fish after it is caught. 

Follow the laws of the state

First and foremost, obtain a fishing license. The cost of a fishing license is much lower than being assessed a fine. Secondly, obtain a regulations chart and bring it along with you if you intend to keep fish. 

Final thoughts on staying clear of googan status

Remember, if you’re thinking about taking up fishing or it’s your first trip, this doesn’t automatically make you a googan. In fact, most novice anglers avoid ever being labeled as a googan. All you have to do is practice a little common sense. Understand what to use to catch fish in the body of water you are fishing. Bring along the gear that is appropriate for the size of the fish. Don’t cross fellow fisherman’s lines. Lastly, know and accept that every time you venture out fishing doesn’t mean that you’re going to catch fish. You don’t need fish tales. Practice makes perfect. Everyone can become a great angler with time, but it just doesn’t happen overnight.