If you’re in the market for a new or used boat, the boat style options can be endless. Today’s variations are greater than ever to include bowriders, ski boats, cabin cruisers, center consoles, pontoon boats, and more. Many of these options are incredibly versatile and can be used for many purposes; however, one stands out against the rest.  A center console allows for the most flexibility to suit all the needs you would want in a boat. 

Why Should You Buy A Center Console Boat?

A center console can fill all of the roles you would want in a boat. Check out top reasons why you should buy a center console boat.

  1. Center consoles were constructed with the fisherman in mind. With a centralized helm, the boat is easy to move about it. No obstructions block you on the port and starboard side. 
  2. For the avid fisherman, it’s a dream. Often time they come equipped with rod holders, live wells, and iceboxes. 
  3. They wear many caps. If you’re not strictly into fishing, center console boats are great for water sports like tubing and skiing, comfortable for cruising, and ideal for beachgoers with easy access in and out of the back of the boat. 
  4. Many center consoles come standard with a T-Top to protect you from the sun’s rays. While many bowriders also have a sunshade, they can be obstructive because they mount from gunnel to gunnel.
  5. Nearly all of the seating will lift, allowing for ample gear storage for a day on the water. 
  6. Although the seating configuration may not be precisely that of a cruiser, you’ll find plenty of comfortable cushions to lounge or bring along a fold-out chair for the ample deck space. 

The Ride Of A Center Console

  1. The majority are built with a deep V hull design to slice through waves. As a result, rough pounding is minimized. 
  2. They are incredibly flexible in the bodies of water that they can be used. Load them up on a trailer and drop them in a small lake or run one thirty miles offshore if it’s large enough of course.
  3. The hull also displaces water well to minimize the amount of spray entering the bow and cockpit area.
  4. Center consoles can be run shallow by trimming up the motor for shallow creeks and pulling up close to the beach.

The Easy Maintenance

  1. The reduction of maintenance is a crucial element that makes a center console boat so popular. 
  2. Except for removable cushions, the boat is almost entirely fiberglass. If you’re dragging sand in the boat, handling a bloody fish, dropping crumbs from lunch, or spilling a cup of coffee, cleanup is a cinch. Grab the hose and spray it out. Yes, some light scrubbing may be necessary. 
  3. When it comes time to wax, you won’t have to worry about spills on carpets or upholstery, and the job will go quick with long straight runs to apply.
  4. No matter if the boat is a center console or other type, drying is essential. Furthermore, remember to dry the boat each and every time to avoid hard water stains that become challenging to remove.

 The Cost

  1. Any style boat can be bought in varying price ranges depending on the make, size, and what bells and whistles it is fitted with.
  2. A center console boat fits into this category of pricing as well. However, a center console can be more budget-friendly because of the manufacturing process.
  3. Depending on what you’re looking to invest in, a new or used center console will fit your budgetary needs with a little give and take in size and age. 
  4. If you’re looking at used boats to lower the cost, they are easy to inspect, not many hidden areas.

Are You Ready To Buy A Center Console Boat

The decision-making process can be complicated because buying a boat is a large investment. If you’re looking to minimize maintenance and to maximize time on the water for you and your family, a center console is the way to go. Keep in mind you will have options when it comes to buying new or used center console boats. Remember to inspect a used center console closely before completing the transaction. I have personally owned center console boats and can tell you first hand that they are far easier to maintain when compared to other types of vessels. Take your time and find what’s best!