If you’re located in coastal areas and frequent rough waters, you may want to consider the best center console boats for rough water. Let’s face it; the ocean and sounds can turn from tranquil to nasty in the blink of an eye. As a result, we all know getting pounded at sea can lead to an evening of aches and pains that can be avoided by buying a more smooth riding vessel. Not only will it help with the pounding, but it may even keep you drier.  What are the best center consoles for rough water. This comes with a twist, size matters. 

Best Center Console for Rough Water (Boats under 22 feet)

The budget can have a significant impact on what you are in the market to purchase. For the most part, a large vessel will have a much more smooth ride. We can’t always afford to fork out top dollar for the biggest boat available, so we have to compromise and do our research on small boats that are also excellent in rough water. I have taken the time to research the best boats for rough water.

Scout 195 Sportfish:

First and foremost, it comes with the notable Carolina flair! The bow flair will keep you dry in even the roughest seas, including wind-whipped wave tops spraying in the air. 

The boat weighs in at over 2,00 pounds allowing you to break through the waves with ease and land gently because of its generous layers of gel coat applied on the hull.

It is built extremely wide. The beam measures over eight feet in width, making it extremely stable. For this reason is an ideal option when it comes to the best small boat for rough seas.

Mako 214 CC:

Measuring in at slightly larger than the Scout, Mako has a long reputation of building extremely seaworthy boats. 

For the minimal amount of difference in length, add on another 1,000 pounds of weight. While you might be concerned about fuel burn, the ride will be gentle.

The deep V design, notable of Mako’s, will easily slice the waves at high speeds and lay you down softly as you skim along the surface. Keep in mind; it may be a bit rolly why caught side sea at idle. 

Boston Whaler 210 Dauntless:

I’m sure you have heard the name; Boston Whaler is synonymous with building high-quality boats that are deemed “unsinkable.” 

The 210 Dauntless offers the best mix of use as a fishing boat or family cruising vessel. This boat can be run inshore with ease all day, but the few times a year you venture out in the deep rough waters, it won’t let you down. 

Although they are built lighter because of the foam interior, the ride will amaze you which is why it is on the list of the best boat for rough water. Don’t be alarmed with the sticker price; they don’t come cheap.

Trophy T20CC:

Yes, Bayliner brought back the Trophy boat. Trophy had a long run of making affordable vessels that were built well for fishing. 

The new-look is much sleeker than its elder sisters. The design is far more streamlined, advancing from a bus to a modern jet finish. Don’t knock the old style; I have run the Trophy 1703 out to fifteen miles offshore and brought it through inlets on an outgoing tide with a stiff wind opposing it. The boat handled it well. Therefore I can tell you that this is near the top as one of the best center console boat for rough water.

If the new designs are built like the old ones, give them a solid look. The price point is much lower, and they handle excellent in a rough sea. The combination of the two attributes make this boat an excellent option.

Conclusion: Best Rough Water Boats

There are a lot of great options when it comes to the best boat for rough seas in the coastal waters off of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Let’s face it, conditions can change quickly, and you don’t want to be caught out there in a boat that is not designed to handle rough situations. Read more into detail on these great makes and see the best fit for you both financially and for the ride it offers. You make the decision what is the best boat for rough water for you and your family. Always be smart and don’t push the limits. Enjoy your new rough water center console.