The electric fillet knife for fishing can make fast work out of a great day on the water. If you are good at filleting fish and want to move through them quickly, the electric fillet knife is the way to go. This technology has improved considerably through the years, and these knives are now being offered in battery operated models as well. We have pulled together five of our favorite choices for electric fillet knives for fishing. There are options on our list for all budgets and a few of our favorite accessories for filleting fish.

Best Overall Electric Fillet Knife for Fishing: Bubba Pro Series Lithion Ion Electric Fillet Knife

The Bubba Pro Series Lithium-Ion Electric Fillet Knife is the best overall option on the market. This is one of the most accessible electric fillet knives we have used, and the non-slip grip handle also makes it incredibly safe. Although this is not a cheap electric fillet knife, it comes with several different blades, a wall charge, and a hard case so that you can bring it out on the boat with you.

The great thing about the Bubba Pro series is that you won’t be looking for a power hookup as the battery stays charged for quite some time. There is an LED battery life indicator to help you know when it is time to change things up.

Some fishing experts worry that a battery operated fillet knife won’t have the power necessary to cut through a more challenging fish, but that is not the case with the Bubba Pro Series; the brushless motor makes fast work of almost any catch you bring in. For the serious fisherman, or those that are catching large amounts of fish, the Bubba Pro Series will be well worth the price.

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteryPriced higher than other fillet knives for fishing
A durable outer case for bringing out on the boat
Non-slip grip
Several blade choices
Brushless Heavy Duty motor for quick filleting

Best Electric Fillet Knife On A Budget: Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

If the Bubba Lithium Ion electric fillet knife was a bit too much money for your to spend, the Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife could be a better choice. Although this comes with just one standard 7.5 inch blade, the overall features are quite good. In addition, we have found that the Rapala has the durability and strength that we need when filleting fish.

There is a special air flow body design on the Rapala that helps to reduce some of the vibrations that you often feel when filleting fish. Less vibration will ensure that you are safer as you fillet your fish. The long lasting motor is also quiet and will ensure that you are enjoying your time filleting.

When it comes to the type of fish that the Rapala can fillet, you will have no trouble with walleye, salmon, and trout. This is a heavy-duty electric fillet knife at a very fair price.

Fair pricing Not as quick as some other fillet knives on the market
Fatigue free, relaxed grip
8 Foot power cord to help give you more maneuverability
110V power
Quiet long lasting motor

Best Cordless Electric Fillet Knife for Fishing: Bubba Li Ion Non Slip Grip

As you have noticed, there is a combination of battery operated and electric fillet knives for fishing on our list. An electric fillet knife for fishing will be much faster and more powerful than filleting by hand. However, the battery-operated options also offer an additional level of convenience. Having the ability to use this fillet knife while out on the water is a tremendous benefit.

The Bubba fillet knives for fishing are outstanding for the non-slip grip and the ergonomic design. If you are serious about ensuring your hand does not get tired, this is the knife you want. The entire thing only weighs about one pound, and the 8.5 inch handle is a good mix for a variety of fish.

Although this set is not the Pro Series that comes with the case and all of the other high end choices, the Bubba Li-Ion Fillet knife lets you have access to this impressive battery-operated choice for a very fair price.

Fair pricing compared to pro series Does not have all of the same accessories as the Pro series
Non slip grip
8.5 inch size is perfect for a variety of fish
LED battery life indicator to ensure that you are charged up
Provides excellent knife control

Best For Smaller Fish: Smiths Mr. Crappie Electric Fillet Knife

Just because a fish is smaller does not mean it is easier to fillet. In fact filleting smaller fish can be much more time-consuming, making an electric fillet knife for fishing even more important. The Smith’s Mr. Crappie Slab O Matic is one of the best options on the market for filleting smaller fish.

The knife comes with an 8-inch stainless steel blade and also a 4.5 inch ribcage blade. Having both of these options to work with the detail involved on a smaller fish can be helpful. This set also comes with a carry bag and a fillet glove to help you stay protected while working on your fish.

Overall this is a fairly priced option that will work quite well to get you off the dock and into the kitchen.

Fair pricing Some more vibration than other electric fillet knives
It comes with two different blades A little louder than some other electric fillet knife for fishing
It has a marine-grade mesh bag and sheaths to help with safe storage
Ribcage blade is a great feature
Has a glove to protect your hand while filleting

Best Electric Fillet Knife for Speed: Mr. Twister Gent’s Best Electric Fillet Knife

To be honest, safety is our top concern when filleting fish; however, it is also great to have some speed when you need to get a bunch of filleting done in a short period of time. The best electric fish knife for speed is the Gents Best. This has been around for quite some time and has more power and torque than other options on the market. The seven inch stainless steel blade is thin and allows for a cleaner cut.

In addition, the Gent’s Best has some of the best durability of the fishing knives on the market. The 110 Vole motor provides plenty of power, and there are other features that allow for a smooth and clean cut. If you are a fisherman who stands behind products that have been on the market for years, this is a great option to consider.

Fair pricing It might not have the same durability as a Bubba Pro
Easy blade release It only comes with one blade
Long history in the market
Good safety features
Lightweight and comfortable fillet knife for better safety

Accessories Needed To Fillet Fish

Now that you have a better idea as to what fillet knife for fishing is best for your needs, it’s good to pick up a few of the accessories you will also need. There are several essential features to have in place when cutting fish. These features are both for convenience and safety. Here are a few that we would consider adding to your fishing gear bucket list today.

Cutting Board

A good quality cutting board that allows for quick and easy cleanup is a must for any filleting of fish. Ensure that you are able to properly clean your cutting board so that you can use it again without bacteria transferring from one cut to the next.


Gloves will keep your hands clean, but they can also ensure that you do not get cut with the knife. When you add power to a knife, expect that things will get quite a bit more dangerous. Gloves that have protection or are cut resistant are the best to wear while filleting fish. Ensure they have a tight fit so that they do not get in the way of the blade on the knife.

Hand Deodorizer

Let’s face it, dealing with filleting a fish can be a bit messy, and it’s difficult to get rid of the smell involved in this process. For those who don’t want to be reminded of their filleting project for the rest of the day, a good cleaning and deodorizing hand cleaner are necessary.

Food Storage Bags

Once you have your nice fillets, you will need somewhere to put them, and that is where the food storage bags come into play. Choose food storage bags that can be reused and that will allow for good protection of your fish in the freezer or refrigerator.


The cooler is a must to transport your fish properly. A fishing cooler with wheels could be a good choice if you want to be able to carry all your other gear and adequately transport your fish around.

How To Choose An Electric Fillet Knife For Fishing

There are not nearly as many electric fillet knives on the market as there are fillet knives. This can help make sure that your process of choosing the best electric fillet knife for fishing is a bit easier, but you will still need to make some decisions. Here are a few of the things to keep in mind about choosing the best electric fillet knife for fishing.

Battery or Electric

The battery-powered fillet knife for fishing is very convenient. You can change this before you go and have the power you need while out on the water. Sometimes cleaning up a fish on the dock or on the boat is easier than trying to bring something into your kitchen. Electric fillet knives tend to have a bit more power, and this should be considered for those that are using the fillet knife quite often.


You can take our word for it on this one; if you purchase a cheap electric fillet knife for fishing, you will probably be sorry. These cheap knives break often, they don’t have enough power, and they can cause you to get hurt. Therefore it makes sense to use a higher quality knife. This is where it makes sense to spend a few extra dollars.


Most electric fillet knives for fishing will range in price from around $40 to over $150. Anywhere in between, you will be able to find a variety of great options. Typically the more expensive models will have extra accessories and blades that come along with them.

Blade Size

Many of the electric fillet knives on the market have a 7 or 8-inch blade. Having something with interchangeable blade sizes can be really helpful for cleaning different types of fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most fishermen are pretty stuck on using their traditional fillet knife without changing to an electric one. This brings up a lot of questions about whether or not an electric fillet knife is worth it. In our experience, when you have a great day on the water, the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning fish. The electric fillet knife makes quick work of almost any catch.

Can you fillet fish with electric knife?

You can and should fillet fish with an electric knife. Once you know how to use the knife, you can very easily learn to manage it and fillet fish quite quickly. The process of filleting fish can be time-consuming, but the electric knife can be really helpful to have.

Which knife is best for filleting fish?

A seven-inch fillet knife is often thought of as the best overall fillet knife for fish. The size, however, can and should vary depending on your catch. We highly recommend something that comes with various blades to help ensure you are prepared for any situation.

What is electric fillet knife?

An electric fillet knife is a motorized blade that will make it easier to cut through both flesh and bone of a fish. The electric fillet knife moves at a fast but controllable speed to ensure that you can quickly fillet almost any type of fish. Electric fillet knives are good for charter boat captains and recreational fishermen.

The Bottom Line: The Best Electric Fillet Knife For Fishing

Hopefully, you now feel as though you could choose an electric fillet knife that will precisely fit your needs on the water. We feel like the Bubba Pro Series Li-Ion electric fishing knife is the best overall option on the market, but you must find something that is a specific fit for your needs. The Bubba Pro Series comes with all the features and accessories you could ever need, and it works quickly and safely to fillet your fish. Now it’s time to get out on the water and catch something to fillet!