The sound is the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean and Port Royal sound and borders the state of Georgia. Hilton Head is a popular boating destination for locals and visitors alike. Boaters transit the sound when visiting islands, including Daufuskie, Hilton Head, Tybee, and Turtle Island. Here is what you need to know about the Callibogue sound. 

Where Is The Calibogue Sound

Clibogue Sound is positioned in the most southern portion of the South Carolina coastline. The sound is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Hilton Head Island to the north, Daufuskie Island to the west, and Tybee Island to the south. 

It is common to see ships traversing the southern portion of the sound entering the Savannah River and into the city. On the opposite end lies Harbor Town Marina at the southern tip of Hilton Head Island. The marina is a bustling destination for golfers and beachgoers alike. 

How Deep Is Calibogue Sound

The sound is subject to strong currents resulting from the tides flowing into the sound as the tides rise conversely out into the Atlantic Ocean when the tide falls. 

The sound is deep, measuring over fifty feet in its most deeply cut portions. The center of the channel can allow the passage of deep draft vessels due to its depth. Check out the Calibogue Sound chart

Are There Alligators In The Calibogue Sound

Alligators are not uncommon along the banks of the sound. The islands of Daufuskie, Hilton Head, and Turtle Island are home to freshwater bodies. 

Alligator populations are prolific on each of the three islands, which are an amazing sight to see for tourists and locals. 

Alligators venture from the ponds and lakes to the banks of the Calibogue Sound. Use caution when venturing into the waters or walking the sound’s shoreline. 

Are There Sharks In The Calibogue Sound

Yes, sharks are prevalent in the sound. Sharks go about their business cruising the waters in all levels of the water column. 

The sharks that cruise the sound include bonnethead, blacktip, hammerhead, bull sharks, and more. However, you’re more likely to encounter a dolphin than a shark. 

Can You Catch Fish In Calibogue Sound

The sound provides excellent fishing opportunities for a wide variety of species. Anglers target flounder, redfish, sea trout, sharks, tarpon, and more.

Boats or shore anglers casting on the marsh grass must rig popping corks with live shrimp on the hook below. Take into account the depth of the sound. Fish are hauled up from more than 50 feet from the surface. Drop lead weights with shrimp, squid, or cut bait to the bottom and let it soak until a fish scoops up the meal. 

When planning a day of fishing from a personally owned watercraft or the bank, be sure to purchase a saltwater fishing license and follow the regulations when bringing fish back home for dinner. 

Can You Swim In Calibogue Sound

Yes, swimmers have the opportunity to jump in the water and enjoy cooling off after a hot day in the sun. 

In addition to the opportunity to swim freely, the sound is excellent for engaging in watersports, including waterskiing, tubing, skurfing, and more. Be aware of the following dangers despite the ability to enter the water freely in Calibogue sound. 

Boat Traffic

The sound is busy for boaters entering and exiting the Atlantic Ocean. Not only does the sound become choppy, but water sports enthusiasts are at risk of being struck by oncoming vessels. 

To reduce experiencing boat wakes and the onslaught of passing vessels, attempt to boat during the weekdays instead of weekends and holidays. 

Strong Currents

Georgia and South Carolina are prone to extreme tidal changes. Considering the massive amounts of water that shift between tides, the seawater rushes in and out rapidly.

Strong currents present risks to swimmers and watersport participants as they are susceptible to becoming swept away quickly. Always wear a live vest when swimming in the sound. 


The sound is home to wildlife, including sharks and alligators. When entering the water, be aware of your surroundings.

Wildlife is unlikely to attack, but remain vigilant and watch for alligators cruising along the surface. 

Sharks and alligators attack infrequently. Never take the fun out of enjoying the cooling waters of the sound. 

Are You Boating Through Calibogue Sound

The sound is the gateway to excellent backwater boating behind Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Daufuskie Island. Boaters have access to Broad Creek, which is a perfect destination when searching for the best waterfront dining that Hilton Head offers. Remember to head caution regarding currents, wildlife, and boat traffic.