First and foremost, being exposed to outdoor elements can require levels of protection to reduce exposure. If you’re in the cold, you wear warm clothes to avoid hypothermia and frostbite, in the heat you wear light, breathable shirts to remain cool, you protect your skin by applying sunscreen to shield against harmful rays. What about your eyes? Just like your skin, the eyes can also be damaged by harmful rays. Beyond protecting the body, polarized sunglasses provide benefits for both the boater and fisherman. Can you fish with sunglasses on? Absolutely!

Let’s determine the three best types of polarized sunglasses that will help you fish with sunglasses on. Trust me I’ve spent a substantial amount of time on the water.

What Are The Benefits Of Polarized Sunglasses For Boaters?

  1. They reduce glare to help you see below the surface of the water, allowing you to see all those fish with sunglasses that are clear and bright.
  2. Protects by minimizing strain on the eyes.
  3. Minimizes the damage of UVA/AVB rays on the corneas. 
  4. They help you see greater color contrast by filtering away horizontal light waves.
  5. Aids in preventing squinting which leads to wrinkles in the corners of the eyes.
  6. Overexposure to the sun on the eyes can lead to headaches. 

Who Manufactures The Best-Polarized Fishing And Boating Sunglasses?


Having been established in 1929, Ray-Ban is the longest standing company of the three we are comparing. Initially, the glasses were designed for pilots to reduce distraction from the bright sky.

When it comes to selecting lenses be sure to choose those which are polarized to maximize your vision on the water. Not all Ray-Bans are polarized. While not to knock them because they produce fantastic sunglasses, the design tends to be more fashion-minded rather than particle for marine applications.

From the initial date of purchase Ray-Ban will repair sunglasses that were not manufactured correctly. What’s more important is to save the receipt in the event the glasses require repair.

Maui Jim

The brand’s roots date back to 1980 in Hawaii. Today, Maui Jim is a leading manufacturer of sunglasses. With over 125 styles, they are sure to having something matching your preference. 

Without a doubt all of the lenses Maui Jim produces are 100% polarized. Because they are 100% polarized, they block all UVA and UVB rays.

Maui Jim has a two-year warranty from the date of purchase against workmanship defects if bought from an authorized dealer.

Costa Del Mar

Established in 1983, Costa Del Mar called Daytona Beach it’s home up until the spring of 2020 before moving to California. 

The lenses installed in the Costa Del Mar sunglasses are polarized and come in seven different color options to chose from. The frames come in varying styles, but they have numerous shapes constructed to wrap around the eye to block the sun from all angles. 

A lifetime warranty is offered on the repair of any defects caused by the workmanship. The fee processing fee associated with warranty repair is $11.95. Undoubtedly, the repair fee is worth the expense when compared to purchasing new sunglasses.

What’s Better Costa Del Mar or Maui Jim?

The clear cut leader for boating and fishing sunglasses is Costa Del Mar. It should be noted that I have tested Costa Del Mar Glasses extensively as a captain aboard private yachts. Unquestionably, Costas has not only remained durable but provided the best protection for my eyes. Therefore I would select Costa Del Mar time and time again.

  1. They offer an excellent warranty program; in fact, it’s a lifetime warranty.
  2. The majority of the frames are thick to reduce breakage from accidental drops.
  3. Costa Del Mar glasses come at a lower cost for the most part.
  4. They offer a more extensive selection of lens colors.
  5. The glasses are built for comfort to wear all day long.

It’s Time To Purchase The Best Polarized Sunglasses For Fishing

Next time you want to fish with sunglasses, check out these three manufacturers. Each offers unique, high-quality styles to suit anyone’s taste. Without a doubt, I recommend Costa Del Mar as they are a leader in creating high quality sunglasses in combination with a stylish appearance. With that being said, another brand may be the perfect fit and color you’re looking for. No matter what you choose, you’re doing your eyes a favor by protecting them against harmful rays that can cause long term damage, and that’s what counts the most.