When catching fish in southern states like Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, anglers must use live bait, dead bait, or artificial lures. Baitfish or other types of living creatures are caught or purchased. Determining the correct time to buy bait from a bait shop near me can be a challenge; however, following these steps will allow for better preparation before heading out fishing. 

Do I Need A Bucket To Buy Live Bait

A bucket is necessary for keeping bait alive that swim in the water. The most commonly used live baits include minnows in fresh and saltwater and shrimp in saltwater. 

The bait bucket must be filled with fresh or saltwater depending on the bait intended to be kept alive. In addition to a bucket, the bait must have a constant flow of oxygen to keep the fish from dying. As a result, an aerator is also necessary when purchasing live bait from a bait shop near me. 

How Do You Know What Bait To Use For Fishing

To determine the type of bait needed to catch fish, first consider if you are fishing in saltwater or freshwater. Once this is determined, the selection of options is now narrowed down considerably.

Local fishing reports are a great resource to learn about what type of fish are biting and what they are eating. Read the reports before you head off to shop and purchase what fellow anglers suggested. 

Lastly, dig into a big or search the internet because doing research can pay off. Study the type of fish you would like to catch. The studies should include what they eat, the habitat they prefer, and the tackle required to catch them. 

When Should Bait Be Purchased

The answer to this question is highly dependent on wether or not you are fishing with something that is alive or frozen. One must be used immediately while the other can remain in the freezer for extended amounts of time. 

Live Bait

Purchasing live bait at the correct time is of the utmost importance. Living creatures contained in a small bucket with a minimal amount of oxygen are not able to withstand life for extended amounts of time. 

Plan the time that you are going fishing. Do not purchase live bait more than an hour before heading out to catch fish even with a properly functioning aerator pump. The money spent will go to waste due to increased water temperatures in the bucket and lack of oxygen.

Frozen Bait

Never hesitate to load up the household freezer with bait. For instance, when the impromptu fishing trip arises, you will be ready to snag it from the freezer and head to the banks or the boat. Keep the bait on hand for whenever it’s needed. 

Bait Shop Near Me Hours Of Operation

Bait and tackle stores operate on limited hours. Keep in mind, the vast majority of stores open before sunrise and close in the middle of the day. Anglers don’t have set hours, so therefore they need bait at all times of the day.

Should the plan be to fish in the evening hours, call the bait shop ahead of time to know when they close the store. Buy the bait before the shop locks the doors but take extra precautions to keep the bait alive. 

When baitfish, shrimp, or other bait must be kept alive for extended periods, keep the bucket out of direct sunlight and continuously check that the aerator pump has not run out of batteries. 

Buy Your Bait To Head Out Fishing

The next time you head out fishing, you will be prepared to answer when you should purchase bait. The most significant factor is keeping live bait alive, and it is done by taking the necessary steps.  Your fishing trip will be far more successful by visiting a bait shop near me at the correct time.