Situated in the central portion of coastal Georgia is the Golden Isles. One of the most frequently asked questions is what islands consist of The Golden Isles? The Golden Isles consist of four islands called Saint Simons, Jekyll, Little Saint Simons, and Sea Island. Known for large white-sand beaches, maritime forests, historical sightseeing, wildlife, and mild winters makes this coastal region an excellent destination for all ages. 

Which is better Jekyll Island or St Simons?

Because of the proximity between each other, it is easy to enjoy both Jekyll and St. Simons in one trip by car. The journey is short by crossing over the Sidney Lanier Bridge. 

What does Saint Simons Island offer:

A picturesque downtown, lined with shops and restaurants. At the end of Mallery Street lies the Saint Simons Island Pier. Saint Simons Island Piers offers excellent coastal views and fishing opportunities.

Centralized to the island is Redfern Village. This gorgeous tree-lined circle of shops and restaurants offers something for everyone. Check out the dining establishments to suit all pallets in addition to local shops offering jewelry, clothing, artwork, and outdoor gear. Day or night entertainment awaits you. 

East Beach is excellent for families passionate about water sports. Bring along your bikes and ride on the hard-packed sand. Layout your beach chairs and sift through the sand for unique shells. As a note, parking can be limited; it may be best to walk from the place you’re staying. 

What is St Simons Island known for?

Saint Simons Island is ranked highly by some of the most notable travel publications and known for its beautiful beaches, museums, golf courses. 

What does Jekyll Island offer?

When you’re visiting the island, put it on your list to check out the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. Here you can learn about the various types of sea turtles common in the region, have up-close interactions with turtles, and become educated on staff’s efforts to rescue and rehabilitate injured sea life. 

The most historic hotel on the island is the Jekyll Island Club hotel. The hotel grounds are lined with entertainment for the whole family. 

  1. Historic Landmark Trolly Tour
  2. Mosey down Pier Road right behind the Jekyll Island Club and explore the local shops in historic cottages. 
  3. Journey onto the pier for a bite to eat and a great coastal view.

After a day in the sun, check out Jekyll’s Beach Village. The village is surrounded by hotels, this modern outdoor space if filled with great restaurants boasting local seafood and a great variety of shops for the shopper in mind. 

What is Jekyll Island known for?

When you’re traveling to Jekyll Island, it is most known for its historical landmarks, golf, enormous beaches, and the turtle rescue center. 

Which Golden Isles island along Georgia’s coast is the largest?

The largest island in the Golden Isles is Saint Simons Island. The island measures at nearly 18 square miles. While its the largest in the chain, it does not offer as many hotel accommodations as Jekyll Island. 

How do you get to the Golden Isles from local cities?

While no airport within the immediate vicinity exists unless you’re flying privately, major airports allow easy access to the islands. 

  • Jacksonville Airport- Located at just an hour away from Jekyll Island is the Jacksonville, Florida airport. Jacksonville frequently offers direct flights from many major airports. Make the short drive north on I-95, and you will find yourself in the Golden Isles. 
  • Savannah International Airport- While you would think selecting an airport in the state would lessen the drive; unfortunately, it does not. The airport is situated an hour and fifteen minutes north of Jekyll Island via I-95. Again, great flight options are available from major airports. 
  • Atlanta International Airport- The flight options to Atlanta, Georgia, are endless; however, be prepared to be in the car longer than your flight. At over four hours, depending on traffic, Atlanta is a great airport to arrive in but certainly not convenient for enjoying the Golden Isles. 

When you imagine visiting the Golden Isles, picture a laid back lifestyle with southern charm. The area is filled with gorgeous historic homes and landmarks, breathtaking views, hospitality, and quaint main streets to leave you gazing at the local shops and restaurant menus for hours. You won’t regret visiting the area and may choose to stay.