The boating opportunities in the southern portion of the United States are endless. The summer seasons extend well into the fall, and the water temperatures remain warm until it’s nearly wintertime. With all of the lakes, rivers, and coastal areas in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, spending time boating can be a frequent occurrence. Many are experienced at operating a vessel, while others are those who purchased a boat to use on the occasional weekend. Many of those occasional boaters are often deemed to be weekend warriors. 

What is a boating weekend warrior?

A weekend warrior is a boat owner who uses a boat only on the weekends and, for the most part, only a few weekends out of a year. While not everyone who operates the craft on a weekend will be considered a weekend warrior, it will be those who only use the boat on weekends and holidays and lack boating knowledge or common sense

How to identify a boating weekend warrior?

Boat Ramp

Pulls up to the ramp without being sure the batteries are charged, and the motor will start. They typically back the boat into the water and then pull it back out after hogging space for extended periods.

Lack of Awareness

Barrels through an area where boats are anchored partying together and cause them to bump into each other and for everyone on board to be tossed around in addition to food and drinks.


Some would refer to this example as a weekend warrior combined with a googan. The boat owner heads out for an afternoon of fishing and does any of the following or a combination of them all.  They drive over other boat fishing lines, anchors right next to another boat who they see catching fish, or blows through an area of fisherman at high speeds. 


The thought of only bringing the boat out a few times a year means you need to bring as many people on board as possible. Weekend warriors tend to overload the boat’s bow, so waves crash over and act dumbfounded as to why this would happen. 


When you head out to see the fireworks on the Fourth of July, take a look around. How often do you see this many other vessels on the water at the same time? Yep, a high percentage of those other boaters are weekend warriors who are likely to be clueless. 

Marine Patrol

Ever see the marine patrol have a boat pulled over? Weekend warriors forget about renewing the annual registration because the craft is always at the back of the mind. 


Always pay a little extra attention when you’re driving a boat over the weekend. Many weekend warriors are oblivious to the rules of the road. Don’t be surprised if you find another craft cutting straight across your bow at a moment’s notice because they see the restaurant they have been looking to find. 

How to avoid being a weekend warrior for the weekend boater

Avoiding being considered a weekend warrior is quite simple. All the operator needs to do is use common sense. 

Tips to steer clear of a weekend warrior status

Make sure your boat will be ready to start at the ramp

Slow down in high traffic areas, primarily when boats are anchored up

When fishing, avoid others fishing lines and give space to other boats

Invite a reasonable amount of guests onboard and distribute the weight evenly

As for holidays, we can’t give you any tips. It can be complete chaos

Check your boat registration and safety equipment before you get on the water.

Many states require a boaters safety card that teaches basic navigation. If it is not a requirement, take it anyway. 

You’re ready to avoid weekend warrior classification

Now that all of the prerequisites of being a weekend warrior and avoiding being a weekend warrior are out of the way, put the tips into action. Not everyone who only gets out on the water a few times a year carries this name as many don’t have the time but have the basic boating fundamentals. The next time you venture out on the boat, use your head and be aware of your surroundings, not only for you and your passengers but for other boaters around you.