Hats are an essential piece of clothing when headed out in the sun fishing or boating through Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Skin cancer is serious business and must be avoided at all costs. One of the best forms of protection for the face is by wearing a hat. Visors are a form of a hat with a brim to shield sunlight. Here is what you need to know about visor hats for southern boaters and anglers. 

How Is A Visor Hat Designed

When it comes to design, a visor wraps around the head and connects in the back using velcro or snaps. 

The front of the hat is fitted with a brim that extends three to four inches. A brim serves the purpose of keeping sun off the face and, in particular, the nose and the eyes. 

What Is The Point Of A Visor Hat

To answer what is the point of a visor, there are numerous reasons why people choose to wear this type of head covering. 

Sun Protection

A visor first and foremost prevents sun exposure on the face to increase visibility and reduce damage from UV rays. 


The second key point of a visor is the open top compared to closed with a baseball style cap. An open top allows the body to cool faster when temperatures soar, or you are engaged in strenuous physical activity. 

Additionally, the breeze flows across your scalp to further cool the body’s temperature. Lastly, sweat does not accumulate as the top of the head is allowed to dry compared to saturating the cloth covering all surfaces of the upper portion of the skull. 

Prevent The Eyes From Burning

Sweat accumulates on the brow during physical exertion or soaking in the hot summer sun through Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. 

When allowed to drip freely, sweat accumulation enters the eyes and causes a burning sensation. Visors prevent the eyes from burning by reducing or eliminating sweat from rolling down the forehead and into the eyes. 

Is A Visor Or Hat Better

A visor and a hat are similar but vastly different. Try on both to determine what best suits your needs. Here are some of the notable differences between the two. 

Benefits Of A Hat

One of the most substantial benefits of a hat is a protective layer on the top of the head. The cloth provides warmth when temperatures dip as the skull causes significant heat loss. In addition to the reduction of heat loss is protection from the sun.

Those who are bald or balding are at risk of severe burns on the head are best protected when wearing a hat versus a visor. 

Like a visor, a hat provides shade over the face to reduce the penetration of UV rays in the skin. 

Benefits Of A Visor

The visor is a better option for those whose scalp is covered with a full head of hair. Despite no fabric covering the top of the head, the hair will prevent the top of the head from becoming burned. 

The most significant benefit of a visor is the ability to remain cool despite hot temperatures. The scalp has the opportunity to breathe compared to being confined within a hat. 

Lastly, a visor does not become saturated in water when caught in a rain storm while beaching, fishing or boating. 

I have used hats and visors consistently and recommend visors. A visor is more versatile, primarily when engaged in rigorous activities or beneath the scorching sun. Importantly, a fishing visor hat will allow you to spot fish beneath the surface more easily as it will reduce glare at the top of the water.

How Do You Wash Visor Hats

After a day at the beach or boating, you are going to want to wash the visor sitting atop your head. Unfortunately, when fishing, hats become coated in fish guts. Here is how to properly clean a visor. 

We have washed our hats in washing machines and found that they quickly deteriorate due to the aggressive cleaning nature. 

Follow these steps to clean a visor. 

Step 1. Prepare The Soap And Water Mixture

Fill a clean bucket or plugged sink with warm water and laundry detergent.

Step 2. Submerge The Visor

Submerge the had in the soapy mixture and manipulate the fabric with your hands to remove sweat and debris.

Step 3. Soak The Visor

Before removing, allow the visor to soak for a time span of ten to twenty minutes. 

Step 4. Remove The Hat And Dry

Remove the hat from the soap water mixture, pat dry with a towel, and allow to dry thoroughly before wearing again. 

Now You Know About Visor Hats For Southern Boater And Anglers

The next time you go fishing or boating in Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina, make sure to pack a fishing sun visor. A visor will keep you cool in the summer sun in addition to protecting your face from harmful UV rays. Check out the Pelagic visor hats, as they are one of the leading brands in the market, or represent your state with a South Carolina visor, North Carolina visor, Georgia visor or any other state.