Fishing by boat means messy business when fish are slung over the vessel’s side in mass quantities. Anglers have the opportunity to catch salt and freshwater fish in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The three states offer abundant fishing in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, coastal waters, and the Atlantic ocean. When fish are brought aboard, the vessel’s deck is prone to becoming covered in blood. Here is how to clean fish guts clean from a boat deck. 

Why Do Fish Bleed When Landed And Brought On A Boat

Anglers utilize sharp hooks that penetrate the fish to prevent it from getting away. The hooks cause wounds to the mouth, gills, and other areas resulting in the fish bleeding. 

In addition to being pierced by hooks, fish slung on a deck become injured, especially when kicking wildly about the boat. To reduce fish guts from becoming strewn about, contain the fish once landed compared to allowing it to move freely.

When bringing fish aboard, particularly in saltwater, gaffs are utilized to aid in the lifting process. Gaffs are a long handle with a sharp point intended to be stuck into the side of the fish. The penetrating of the point causes extensive bleeding, as you would expect. Make your best effort to place a gaffed fish directly into the fish box compared to the deck. 

Another factor is the frequency in which fish are caught. When schools surround the boat, fish are caught rapidly. Rather than allowing the school to move on, anglers catch as many as possible. 

Schooled fish caught in succession are often thrown to the deck to be dealt with later. Ask one person on board to handle placing the fish in the fish box to reduce the blood and fish guts accumulation. 

How Do You Prevent Fish Guts From Accumulating On A Boat Deck

Believe us, we have allowed fish blood and guts to dry on a deck. Removing dried blood and guts is grueling because of the scrubbing required. 

When fish are brought onboard, monitor for blood that has fallen to the deck, seats, or hull. Never allow the guts to become dry. When the boat is equipped with a raw water washdown, rinse the deck each time it becomes soiled. When a washdown hose is not available, grab a bucket of water from over the side and rinse. 

While rinsing is essential, keep a brush handy to clean stubborn blood and guts that have become stepped on and smashed into the deck. 

Prevention is the most significant factor in minimizing cleaning efforts after returning to the dock when fishing. 

How Do You Get Fish Blood Off A Boat Deck

Let’s put it out there right away; removing fish blood is labor-intensive, especially after it has sat for extended periods. 

First, gather the supplies. To clean the deck of a boat, you will need a medium bristled brush at the end of a pole, a bucket, boat soap, soft scrub, and freshwater from a high pressure garden hose. 

Once the supplies are gathered, rinse the deck and mix a bucket of soap and water. Scrub the deck with force to remove blood with the brush and soap. 

Rinse the soap-free and inspect to determine if blood and guts remain glued to the deck. When the deck remains soiled, shift your focus to applying soft scrub. 

Shake the bottle of soft scrub and squirt along the deck, ensuring that enough is applied to be spread evenly by the brush. Again, forcefully scrub the soft scrub into the deck, paying close attention to the areas that remained most heavily soiled by blood and fish guts. 

Allow the soft scrub to sit on the deck for a period of up to five minutes without allowing it to dry in the hot summer sun. After five minutes have passed, rinse the deck with the garden and inspect once more. If blood remains, repeat the process until the deck is clean. 

Once the deck is clean, utilize a chamois mop for drying the water from cleaning and rinsing. Drying prevents the formation of hard-to-remove water spots. Stow the cleaning gear and take stock in soap and soft scrub levels. Order more when necessary. 

Order a three-pack of Soft Scrub to avoid running short when the cleaning product is needed most. 

Removing Fish Guts Is Easy By Using The Right Tools

A bloody boat deck indicates a great day of fishing because they were caught and brought aboard compared to no bites at all. In Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, anglers are fortunate to have the opportunity to fish salt and freshwater. Remember to rinse away blood before it drys and follow the cleaning process once returning the dock to restore the deck to a shine.