Skidaway Island is a barrier island located outside of historic Savannah, Georgia. I have been a resident of Skidaway Island for over six years and can tell that there are plenty of things to do. For the most part, all of the activities are outdoors. Thankfully, Skidaway Island is heavily wooded despite the abundance of houses within gates across three different neighborhoods. If you’re in the Savannah area, it is worth exploring things to do on Skidaway Island


Without question, the inshore coastal waters of the Savannah area teaming with fish. Some of the most highly sought after fish include sea trout, redfish, black drum, sheepshead, and more. 

Fortunately, public access points to fish the inshore waters are available. However, it should be noted that they come with a short hike from the parking areas to the banks. It should be noted that anglers are not able to enter the gates of communities unless they are visiting family or friends. With that being said, it eliminates the chance to fish piers and marinas. 

The Priests Landing Trail on Skidaway is a 6-mile hiking trail that ventures along an inland creek. To access the creek, park along McWhorter Drive. You will see a gate on your left side. This is the closest access point to the creek for fishing. 

Importantly, you will need to have bait, rods, reels, and tackle on hand. I suggest fishing a live shrimp under a popping cork. Alternatively, sink a weight and hook tipped with a shrimp to the bottom, but be cautious of fallen trees as you will snag frequently. 

Lastly, fishing is not allowed in the Skidaway Island State Park. Therefore, the Priests Landing Trails is your best bet. I have caught plenty of redfish in the creek. You won’t be disappointed. 

Hiking Skidaway Island

When it comes to hiking, you have multiple options to choose from. I have hiked all of the paths on the island, and each is unique based on the views and terrain.

Skidaway Island State Park

Every year, my family and hike the Skidaway Island State Park trails, especially as the weather cools in the late fall. 

Importantly, a 5-dollar fee is required if you visit the park by car for a single day stay. However, once you’re in the gates, you can access over 6 miles of trails

In addition to the trails is a new nature center. The nature center is home to aquariums and reptile exhibits. 

If you’re coming for the day, don’t hesitate to hike the Sandpiper or Avian trails. Either of these offer locations to cast from the shore. 

University Of Georgia Aquarium Nature Trail

The University Of Georgia has a marine science center located on Skidaway Island. The school’s property offers a public walking trail that meanders through the forest in addition to the edge of the marsh and Skidaway River. 

The Jay Wolf Nature Trail extends for up to 1.1 miles if you elect to take the long route compared to the short route. 

Along the path, you will have the opportunity to walk out on a pier and catch a glimpse of historic cabins. 

Importantly, fishing is not allowed, nor is biking. The path is strictly dedicated to walking. 

Priests Landing Trail

As noted above, the Priests Landing Trail is a 6-mile long loop. The trail has not only changes in elevation but also coastal and maritime forest views. 

I have hiked this trail numerous times, and it doubles as a mountain bike path. It should be mentioned that the areas just outside the path along the creek are undercut. Little to no soil sits beneath the edges as the water errored the shoreline beneath the outskirts of the trail. Avoid standing directly on the edge, as it could collapse. 

Lastly, parking is available on McWHhorter. However, be cautious when pulling out as traffic moves quickly. 

University Of Georgia Aquarium

Although the aquarium located on Skidaway Island is small, it allows families to explore local marine life. 

The aquarium includes an outdoor turtle habitat, an alligator tank, a touch tank with crabs and whelks, and numerous fish tanks.

The fish tanks are filled with redfish, flounder, trout, and more. Interestingly, those species are in the waters just steps from the building. 

Lastly, a visit to the aquarium is affordable. You won’t break the bank stopping in for a visit. 

Nature Spotting

One of the biggest reasons my family and I moved to Skidaway Island is because we are surrounded by wildlife. 

The island is home to foxes, deer, raccoons, alligators, opossums, snakes, armadillos, manatees, maritime bird species, and more. Fortunately, visitors and residents alike have the opportunity to spot these varieties of animals consistently. 

Whether you’re hiking a trail or driving down the road, you are more than likely to atleast locate a deer. 

You’ll Find Things To Do On Skidaway Island

No question about it: you will easily find a day full of activities when visiting Skidaway Island. Importantly, the island is home to a Publix grocery store. If you need to grab a sub or stock up on drinks, the store is conveniently located. Lastly, understand that during the winter, some days will drop into the 30s, so plan accordingly.