We have had the opportunity to visit the University Of Georgia Marine Education Center And Aquarium on numerous occasions. Despite its small size, the aquarium provides entertainment and education for people of all ages. The marine center is located on a picturesque island in coastal Georgia and features walking paths through winding trails along the water and live oak trees. Here are 4 things to know when visiting UGA Marine Education Center And Aquarium.

Where Is The UGA Marine Education Center And Aquarium Located

One of the most historic cities along the southeast coast of the United States is Savannah, Georgia. 

The Marine Center is located thirty minutes from the heart of downtown Savannah. The Georgia coast is lined with barrier islands, one of which is Skidaway Island. 

Skidaway Island measures nearly 18 square miles, and the University of Georgia Marine Center is located on the northwestern end.

Skidaway is home to one of the largest communities in the country called The Landings. The Landings is a gated neighborhood with six golf courses, dining, and court sports for members. 

You will not be met by tolls or gates when driving onto the island over the Diamond Causeway bridge. Once across the bridge, turn left on McWhorter Drive at the four-way stop sign intersection. Continue on McWhorter until turning left on Ocean Science Circle. You have arrived at the marine center. 

How Much Does It Cost To Visit The UGA Marine Education Center And Aquarium

The marine center is affordable when compared to large aquariums in other cities, including the Atlanta Aquarium.

When entering the aquarium and hiking the waterfront trails, the cost is $5 for children between 3 and 12. Teenagers 13 and older through adults at 54 years of age cost $7. Lastly, military, seniors, and college students cost $5. 

Despite the aquarium’s small size, the value is excellent when providing entertainment for family and friends. 

What Does The UGA Marine Education Center And Aquarium Have To See

Venture into the aquarium to catch a glimpse of local marine life in addition to a hands-on experience. 

Before entering the aquarium doors, you will be greeted by turtles lounging on logs to your left side. 

After entering, a receptionist will collect your payment before seeing the tanks. The marine center boasts 16 tanks in addition to a touch tank with horseshoe crabs and hermit crabs. 

The remaining tanks hold varying local fish species, including catfish, red drum, gray snapper, gar, lionfish, and more. 

When exiting the back doors, take advantage of the path that winds along the shores of the Skidaway River. The trail includes the chance to enter a restored historic home with detailed history diagrams within. 

The land in which the aquarium sits is a research center for students and scientists who study marine life in the waters surrounding Savannah. 

What Other Entertainment Is Available Near The Marine Center

After spending an hour two exploring the aquarium and surrounding land on the UGA Marine Center, you have other opportunities for entertainment within close proximity. 


Just beyond the base of the bridge of the island is the Village. The Village offers a restaurant called the Village Bar & Grille. After a couple of hours at the aquarium, stop in for lunch and enjoy the outside patio dining adjacent to the fountain and brick road.  The restaurant features offerings for children and adults. Check out other dining options near Skidaway Island


Pack a bathing suit and stop in at Butterbean Beach. Butterbean Beach is on the opposite side of the Diamond Causeway bridge on the mainland. 

In addition to a small beach, the park features a boat ramp, bait shop, and kayak rental hut. Bring along the fishing rods and cast a line for redfish, sea trout, or flounder. Cool off by taking a dip in the Skidaway River. Lastly, rent a kayak and venture into the marsh-lined backwaters between Skidaway Island and the mainland. 

When fishing, remember to purchase a Georgia saltwater fishing license before casting a line to avoid being ticketed by local authorities. The entrance to the beach and boat ramp does not require the payment of a fee. 

Check Out The UGA Marine Education Center And Aquarium On Skidaway Island

The next time you visit Savannah, Georgia, take a trip to the marine aquarium on Skidaway Island. The aquarium is fun for all ages and allows you the opportunity to learn about fish inhabiting the locals waters. We can attest to the value in the aquarium but make a day of it and stop and the beach and Village Bar & Grille.