Charleston, South Carolina, is known for many fun activities, including history, dining, shopping, and yes, fishing. While the city may seem very proper with its southern style to include collared shirts for the men and dresses for the ladies, it’s a sportsman paradise for both. The fishing in the Charleston area is phenomenal, and you don’t need to own a boat to enjoy what the local waters have to offer. Consider booking a Charleston, South Carolina fishing charters. 

What will you catch on a fishing charter in Charleston, South Carolina?

The fishing opportunities, both inshore and offshore in this region, offer an abundance of species. 

Inland, sea trout, flounder, red drum, and sheepshead are all prevalent. They can be caught in various ways, including bottom fishing, popping corks, live bait, frozen bait, and artificials. These fish are great to eat, and the local captains will put you on the fish.

When you head offshore, a few different options are available. For a shorter run into the Atlantic ocean, charter captains will head to the snapper fishing grounds. Located about 35 miles off of the beaches of Isle of Palms in 95-115 feet of water are the snapper grounds. Here, you will catch varieties of grouper and snapper. 

Even farther offshore, at around the 70-mile mark, is the gulf stream. The gulf stream does not offer bottom fishing opportunities but rather trolling of pelagics. The captains will troll surface and subsurface lures for tuna, dolphin (mahi-mahi), wahoo, sailfish, and more.

What the best Charleston fishing charter for inshore, snapper banks, and offshore?

Some of the best South Carolina fishing charters are going to be in the Charleston, SC area. Take a look at these great options.

Shallow Thoughts

The best inshore fishing charter is Shallow Thoughts

Captain Jeremy has over 30 years of fishing experience. He is a real professional and an excellent host. His trips ideal for adults and children, so nobody needs to be left back at the dock. 

Shallow Thoughts offers half-day trips, three quarter day trips, and full-day trips. If you’re looking for nonstop action, his service can put you on all sorts of tasty fish like redfish, speckled trout, and flounder. If you are in search of an hour-long battle with a sea monster with fewer catches but longer fights, ask him to put you on a giant shark or bull redfish. 

Give Captain Jeremy a call to hooked up.

Avid Angling 

For snapper and grouper fishing, check out Avid Angling

This group has numerous boats for everything from sunset cruises to running offshore to the blue water for big game fish like marlin. 

The run time to snapper and grouper fishing grounds is lengthy, so the trips are often a three quarter day minimum. These professionals will have you set up the minute the anchor has the boat set in place. The gear is stout, and the battles are tough to make for an exciting day. The reward for the bumps and bruises of grappling with the bottom dwellers will be worth it when you sit down to eat your fresh catch.

Give them a call but book ahead for a good trip offshore.

Tide Down Sport Fishing 

The die-hard fisherman who ventures out into the deep blue should get onboard Tide Down Sport Fishing

Climb aboard the 50-foot custom-built fishing boat that is suited for the harshest environment and the biggest fish. The captain and crew are well prepared to drop the lines as soon as you reach the blue water of the gulf stream.

The ballyhoo will be rigged, and outriggers will be dropped to troll along the floating weed lines that hold dolphin, tuna, and the aggressive blue marlin. Always be ready to enter a feeding dolphin school (mahi-mahi) and watch the underwater aquarium of bright colors as they bite each bait that enters the water.

These trips are for a full day, so be prepared to leave at dawn and arrive at dusk with a boatload of offshore species. 


Each of these three types of trips varies in cost. The long-run times to head offshore result in higher fuel costs, which is a more expensive charter. Inshore trips will be the least costly option if the budget is limited.  Bluewater trips can easily exceed $1,000 for a single day, but it can be a once in a lifetime experience. 


Fishing in the Charleston area is superb. No matter if you chose to stay inshore, snapper fish, or run offshore, the trip will leave you with a memorable experience. Remember to bring along sunscreen and your camera. Don’t be left without the great shot of the prized catch. The waters off of the Charleston coast are filled with fish, so take advantage of an action-filled day.