One of the popular methods of cooking fish is poaching. Anglers fishing in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina catch a vast range of species that make excellent table fare. While fish is prepared in a multitude of ways, consider poaching. Understanding what is involved with poaching the fresh catch is essential. Here is what to know before cooking poached fish. 

What Does Poaching Fish Mean

Generally, fish is not cooked in liquid. The most common methods of cooking freshly caught fish are grilling, broiling, baking, and deep frying. 

Poaching, on the other hand, is cooked in liquid. A liquid is simmered while the fish fillets sit in the hot pan. The benefit to poaching is retaining moisture because it is cooked in liquidated compared to dry heat. 

How Do You Poach Fish

The process of poaching fish is straightforward. Utilize a pot or poaching pan to cook the fillets of fish. 

Place the cleaned and dried fillet of fish in a poaching pan or pot large enough to hold the piece. Fill with seasoned liquid and turn the heat up to a temperature, allowing the pot’s contents to simmer. Do not allow the liquid to boil. Heat the pan only hot enough to simmer. The fish must remain entirely submerged during the cooking process. 

Allow the fish to cook until the center is no longer raw. Serve while hot. Avoid the fish from becoming cold. 

Do You Cover The Pan When Poaching Fish

It is essential to utilize a pan with a tight-fitting lid when poaching. The lid must remain on top of the pot during the cooking process. Avoid over sides tops that allow heat to escape and cause liquid to drip on the cooktop. 

The temperature must remain stable during the cooking process, and a lid to a pan plays a fundamental role. 

What Are The Four Basic Liquids Used For Poaching

There is an extensive list of liquids utilized when poaching. The basic liquids include water, wine, chicken broth, fish broth, beef broth, and clam juice. Determine what flavor suits your taste buds best. 

Whichever liquid you choose, make sure to add your favorite seasonings to the pan. The flavor of the herbs becomes infused in the fish during the cooking process. 

How Long Does It Take To Poach Fish

The amount of time required to cook fish when poaching is highly dependent on the thickness of the fillet. The thicker the fillet the longer the fillet must remain simmering in liquid. 

Generally speaking, poached fish cooks within six minutes. Check the fillet during the cooking process to avoid overcooking. 

How Do You Tell When Poached Fish Is Done

Determining cooked fish and uncooked fish is straightforward. When poaching, cook the fillets to 140 degrees; however, a thermometer is not required. 

Fish, when cooked, flakes easily. Take a fork or other utensil and gently pull it at the center without completely cutting it. Cutting the piece in half prevents an excellent presentation when placed on a serving dish. 

When the fish flakes with ease, remove it from the pan and place it on a serving dish. Remember, fish cools rapidly, so be sure everyone is seated to eat once the fish has finished cooking. 

What Are The Best Fish To Poach

When selecting the best fish to poach, we recommend firm fillets because they are better suited for poaching as they are unlikely to fall into pieces during the cooking process. 

Anglers fishing in fresh and salt bodies of water across Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina should poach the following types of fish when preparing the fish dinner. 

Saltwater Fish 

Anglers have the opportunity to engage in offshore bottom fishing, bluewater trolling, and inland fishing through Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The next time you catch redfish, grouper, tuna, or shark, fillet and cook them by using the technique of poaching. 

Freshwater Fish

Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina offer an abundance of rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs for anglers to enjoy. The fish vary based on the region in which the body of water is located. Some of the best freshwater fish for poaching include trout, walleye, striped bass, and catfish. Check out this poached trout recipe.

Are You Ready To Use The Poaching Method When Cooking Fish

Fishing opportunities are excellent in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The next time you cast a line, catch, and keep fish, preparing the meal by poaching. Poached fish are moist and flavorful. However, another option is to visit a local seafood market and ask the attendant to recommend a firm fish.