When targeting gamefish, anglers in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina catch minnows for bait. Instead of buying bait, buy a trap that can be used repeatedly, thus saving money. The trap is straightforward to set, and the reward is a bucket full of fresh, lively minnows. Minnows are sought after by fresh and saltwater gamefish. Here is What to know about a minnow trap. 

How Does A Minnow Trap Work

Traps that catch minnows are constructed of stainless or galvanized steel. The metal is formed coned shape on both sides with a small opening allowing for minnows to enter the trap.

Water flows freely through the minnow basket as it is designed similar to mesh. The mesh does not allow minnows to pass freely out of the trap. Each side connects in the center, where a line is tied for launching and retrieval purposes. When not in use, the two sides of the basket stack allowing for easy storage. 

Bait is placed in the trap before deploying into the water. Once the trap is lowered, minnows enter on either cone-shaped end. Once inside, they cannot escape as a result of the design. The basket is retrieved by the angler, separated in the center, and the fish are dumped into a bucket with an aerator pump. 

What Is The Best Bait For A Minnow Trap

The type of bait varies based on catching minnows with a trap in freshwater or saltwater. Here are the baits for salt and freshwater.


We recommend using crushed crabs, clams, oysters, or chopped baitfish in saltwater. All will attract minnows into the trap. 


The top bait for catching minnows in freshwater is bread. Crumble slices of bread and place in the trap before setting in the water. 

How Long Do You Leave A Minnow Trap In

The duration a minnow trap should remain soaking in the water varies. Ask yourself, do you see minnows swimming freely? When minnows are visible, it requires less time to catch the bait.

When minnows are concentrated, soak for thirty minutes for up to twenty-four hours. You may be required to deploy the trap well before your intentions to fish to ensure fresh bait is available for use. 

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Minnow Trap

Place traps in shallow water near structures including docks, trees, or rocks. Pay close attention to areas where you visibly witness schools of minnows. Focus your attention on these areas.

When the trap is deployed, glance into the water. If minnows surround the trap, ample bait has swum inside more often than not. 

What Is The Fastest Way To Catch Minnows

The fastest way to catch minnows is by locating areas where they are the most highly concentrated. Similar to fishing by rod and reel. There is no sense in casting a line when fish do not congregate in the area due to lack of structure or other reasons. 

Monitor the water and determine where minnows are present. Minnows are caught more rapidly by maintaining a visual on the bait. 

How Deep Should A Minnow Trap Be

When it comes to depth, you will not be required to deploy the trap lower than two feet. In tidal areas, ensure that the water level will not drop below the trap’s position during low tide. When the tide becomes low, the fish will become high and dry, causing them to die. 

When a strong current is present, add a rock to the trap’s inside. Without the weight, the trap will become pushed by the water flow and eventually end up along the bank in more shallow waters. 

Where Can You Buy A Minnow Trap

Minnow traps are available for purchase online and in brick and mortar stores. The major fishing retailers, including Bass Pro Shop, Cabellas, and Walmart, stock minnow traps. 

Avoid leaving the comfort of your own home when a trap is available for purchase online. We recommend visiting Amazon and buying the Gees-Feets G-40 trap. The trap is semi-collapsable and is made from galvanized steel. The quality of the construction will make it last for years of catching bait. 

How Much Does A Minnow Trap Cost

When shopping for minnow traps, you are spending too much money if you’re spending more than twenty-five dollars. 

Minnow traps are low in cost but highly effective at saving you money from buying bait at the local bait and tackle shop. 

Are You Ready To Buy A Minnow Trap

Traps are highly effective whether you are catching fathead minnows on inland lakes or mud minnows in coastal waters through Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Let the trap soak between thirty minutes to twenty-four hours. Bring along a bucket with an air pump to keep the fish alive. Lastly, purchase a fishing license before catching or casting bait.