Unfortunately, anglers have expensive fishing equipment stolen consistently from many different areas. I have had rods stolen from my garage by a group of people doing work on my home. The theft of fishing equipment can be lessened if you take the appropriate action when stowing or transporting gear. Here are the 3 best methods to avoid fishing gear from being stolen. 

Why Do People Steal Fishing Equipment

The theft of fishing equipment is more common than you would think. However, most fishing gear isn’t stolen by fellow anglers. 

Unfortunately, gear is stolen primarily because of its value versus the desire to use it. Thieves are looking purely for a payout and not to use them on their next fishing adventure. 

Without a doubt, fishing equipment is commonly listed for sale online. With that said, thieves steal the gear and immediately put it online to be sold for a quick profit. 

Never Leave Your Gear In The Bed Of A Pickup Truck 

As an avid angler myself, I often used the back of my truck to store fishing rods, tackle bags, gaffs, and more. 

The bed of my pickup was the ideal place to transport rods from my home to the marina. While the truckbed is good for transportation, keeping gear in it when the vehicle is left unattended is not safe. 

With that said, if you’re making a stop at the gas station, grocery store, or bait shop, don’t leave the rods in the bed without supervision. 

If you’re alone, move the gear from the bed into the truck, even if the rods need to be laid out from the passenger’s side front seat to the driver’s side rear seat. 

Fortunately, I have never had gear stolen, but I know people who have. The loss of rods and other gear will leave you spending lots of money on replacements.

Avoid Stowing Rods, Reels, And Tackle On The Boat

Another foolish mistake that anglers who fish from boats make is storing the fishing equipment on the boat. 

No matter if the boat is on a trailer outside of your garage, at the marina, or in a gated storage facility, it is imperative to remove all fishing gear. 

The theft of fishing equipment is made easy when it’s left on the boat. Remember, covers are removable therefore, thieves can climb inside and walk away with rods, reels, and tackle with ease. 

When I stowed my center console at a dry rack marina, I removed all of the fishing equipment before stowing it away. Importantly, I even went as far as disconnecting the GPS screen to bring it home. 

For this reason, it is critical to pack up all of the gear after every fishing trip and bring it back to the house. It’s not worth taking the chance. 

Keep Your Fishing Equipment Out Of Sight At Home

For the most part, homeowners stow fishing equipment inside of the garage. Personally, I keep my fishing equipment inside of the garage, so it’s out of the way in the house. Furthermore, I have two young children who could accidentally break the gear when playing inside. 

Garage Storage

If you’re keeping fishing equipment in the garage, I highly recommend installing rod holders on the ceiling. Rod holders mounted on the ceiling make the rods and reels difficult to spot from the rod compared to them leaning against a wall. 

Furthermore, keep the tackle bags on shelves that are at the highest point from the ground. If a ladder is required, the equipment is less likely to be stolen because of the time it takes to make the grab and get away. 

Inside Storage

Stowing away fishing gear inside of a home versus in the garage is, without question, more secure. However, this is not always possible based on the family dynamic. 

If you’re able to keep rods, reels, and tackle inside, it is highly unlikely that anything will go missing as a result of theft. 

However, make sure to keep the equipment out of sight from any windows in the home. Unfortunately, making visual contact from the outside can lead a thief to strike. If possible, utilize closet space if it is available. 

Avoid The Theft Of Your Valuable Fishing Gear

The ability to buy high-quality fishing gear means that you have to dedicate hard hours of work to earn the money. No sense in throwing out your efforts by letting your gear be stolen. Undoubtedly, you can take measures to prevent fishing equipment from ending up in the hands of thieves.