Considered a delicacy in the countries bordering the Mediterranean is the Red Mullet, otherwise known as a Rouget. Red Mullet are prized fish harvested by commercial fishing boats off the coast of Spain, France, and Italy. Because of the taste and texture, can they be cooked in a multitude of ways. However, Red Mullet can be difficult to source in the United States because they come from overseas. How do you buy Red Mullet in the United States?

Why is Red Mullet so popular?

Rougets are small in size, typically between ten and fourteen inches, and are harvested by gill and trawl nets. Each fish weighs between a third and a half of a pound. The fillets are low in fat but high in protein. The taste of the white fillets is often described as being buttery or creamy by most. Considering that each fish’s yield is minimal, you should account for two to three fish per person. 

How do you buy Red Mullet in the United States?

The Rouget is very popular in European countries; however, don’t expect to find it in local fish markets in the United States. Many different varieties are imported from other countries, but Red Mullet is unlikely to make that list. 

Since they are primarily unavailable at a seafood shop, the next best option is to order Red Mullet online. Online seafood providers will ship the product overnight but expect to pay top dollar. 

The process of preparing fish to ship requires time and materials. Time and materials add to the cost, which is part of the reason aside from shipping and the seafood that online orders shipped to your home are expensive. What is the process involved with getting the fish from the supplier to your doorstep in excellent condition?

-The box that the contents are placed is typically a double layerd. One is insulated, and one is cardboard.

-Most often, the seafood is in a vacuum-sealed bag.

-Gel-centered ice packs are placed near the product. In some cases, dry ice can be used. However, the seafood must avoid directly touching the ice. 

-To prevent the fish from being bruised during shipping, packing peanuts or other cushion surrounds the seafood to keep it tightly packed. 

-Once everything is packed inside, the box must be taped closed. High-quality shipping tape is necessary to prevent the container from accidentally opening. 

-All of this must be done in a timely fashion. The seafood is packaged just before its sent off to the shipping company for overnight delivery. 

It is unique that Red Mullet can be prepared for shipment in a variety of ways. Here the ways that they are sold:


-Cleaned with the head and tail on

-Cleaned with the head and tail off

When you place the order, pay close attention to the number of fish and the average weight. The last thing you want to have happened after taking all of the efforts is to fall short on what is needed for the planned meal. 

A few well know suppliers ship nationwide. Check out Citarella and Maine Lobster Seafood Group.

The ability to have nearly any type of seafood shipped fresh to your door is hard to imagine—the click of a button on the internet and it’s on its way. Whether you’re ordering Red Mullet or any other type of fish, crustacean, or shellfish, it can all be shipped overnight. Even better is the fact that you can order many seafood varieties that are not found in your local seafood market. With the multitude of options, no reason not to try many types of fish. Give Red Mullet a try. It might just become a favorite.