Everyone can enjoy fishing without needing to invest in expensive equipment. No matter if you’re testing out the sport or traveling, fishing rod rentals are available from coast to coast. I have owned a multitude of equipment, from offshore trolling combos to deep dropping set ups, and panfish rods. However, this doesn’t mean that I had the option to bring everything where I wanted to go when I needed it. For this reason, rod rentals are valuable to anglers of all skill levels. Here is what you need to know about fishing rod rentals near me. 

Why Would You Need To Rent A Fishing Rod And Reel

Without a doubt, anglers take advantage of fishing rod rentals for a multitude of reasons. Here are the most common reasons why people rent fishing equipment. 

Traveling From Out Of Town

The vast majority of people wanting to cast a line who require a rental are those from out of town. 

I’ll admit packing up a vehicle for a road trip or jumping on a plane with rods and reels presents a challenge. For one, space is limited, and secondly, you put the equipment at risk of becoming broken during travel. 

Instead of worrying about bringing along the fishing equipment, consider renting gear from a local tackle provider. 

Broken Personally Owned Gear

Unfortunately, rods and reels are subject to extensive wear and tear when used on a consistent basis. 

I have broken rod guides, seized up an electric reel, and dropped fishing reel crank handles into the water. Fortunately, I have friends who are loaded up with gear, so I was not put in a position that I needed to rent.

In the situation where you don’t have a backup plan, a rental is likely to be the only option. This is especially the case when you have a fishing trip marked on the calendar. 

No question about it: you’ll want to avoid the necessity to rent gear. With that being said, do your best to avoid the unexpected from happening. 

New To The Sport Of Fishing

One of the most common reasons that people rent fishing gear is because they are new to the sport. There is no sense in spending money on expensive equipment when you’re unsure if fishing is right for you. 

Fortunately, rod and reel rental will be at your disposal when venturing onto a party fishing vessel. 

Similar to party fishing boats are piers. Both offer ample space for a multitude of people to participate in fishing. With that being said, more times than not, a fishing pier will offer a wide selection of rod and reel rentals. 

Lastly, local tackle shops are an alternative. However, not all bait and tackle shops will offer rental gear. I suggest searching for fishing rod rentals near me if you’re looking for gear outside of fishing on a head boat or pier. 

More Goes Beyond A Fishing Rod And Reel Rental

Look, just because you were able to put a rod and reel in your hands doesn’t mean you’re entirely set up to catch fish. What to have on hand beyond the rod and reel. 

Fishing Tackle

I’ll be honest: my garage shelves are lined with fishing tackle. I personally enjoy everything from freshwater pond fishing to venturing out offshore of the Bahamas. 

Conversely, most don’t have an arsenal of tackle. However, it is unlikely that a rental will provide tackle in excess of a rod and reel in combination with a hook and weight or hook and float. 

With that being said, I suggest having a small tackle bag on hand. Research the area that you intend to fish and stock up on a limited number of items specific to the type of fishing you’re planning. 

Fishing tackle includes hooks, weights, floats, leader line, and more. However, don’t overpack the tackle with unnecessary items. 

Multitool Including Pliers

One of the most often overlooked pieces of gear is a multitool with pliers. A multitool is a pair of pliers in combination with a knife, screw driver, bottle opener, and more. 

The most important component of a multi tool is the pliers. All too often, anglers leave home without the pliers. The last thing you want to do is dig in the mouth of a fish lined with teeth. Instead, the pliers keep your hands and fingers clear. 

Secondly, the built in knife is critical. I have made the mistake of leaving a knife back home. A snagged line, in combination with failing to have a knife, is not a good situation. In some cases, you will be required to cut the line. With heavy weighted line it’s nearly impossible to break by hand. Instead, you will be left with deep wounds to the hand by pulling forcefully on the line to free it or break it. 

A Cooler And Measuring Device

A cooler and measuring device is a must when taking advantage of fishing rod rentals near me. One of the greatest perks of fishing in a new location is tasting the local catch. 

However, you can’t slap a fish down on the deck in the baking sun and expect it to remain fresh. Instead, first, measure the fish and ensure that it complies with local regulations. Secondly, place the fish on ice until you’re able to fillet and serve it up for a meal. 

Filleting brings up an important point. A standard kitchen knife will not yield good results when it comes to removing the fillets. Instead, make sure to pack a quality filet knife for best results. 

Fishing Rod Rentals Near Me Saves You A Hassle

I always prefer to bring my own rods and reel, pliers, and tackle; however, it is not always possible. One of the best times to rent gear compared to buying equipment is when you’re testing out the sport. Again, don’t invest in a rod and reel if you’re unsure if it’s something you enjoy. The easiest places to find fishing rod rentals near me are on head boat charters and fishing piers.