The southeastern United States offers some of the best inshore and offshore fishing. The northern portion of coastal Georgia and Savannah is well known for being an excellent fishery. Check into the fishing charters out of Savannah. Here are some tips for finding a fishing charter near me. 

Are You Guaranteed To Catch Fish On A Charter

There is no guarantee that you will catch a fish on a fishing charter. Unfortunately, like the weather, the habits of fish change daily. 

Charter boat captains will put in their best effort to help you and your friends or family catch fish. More times than not, the captain will put you on the fish to ensure the client is satisfied by the excursion. Remember, some days, fish just don’t want to eat or hang out where they usually do. 

Is There Good Fishing In Savannah, Georgia

No matter how minimal your experience, Savannah is an excellent destination to catch fish because the local waters boast an abundance of fish.

No matter if you are inshore fishing for flounder, sea trout, or redfish, they are caught year-round therefore there is no bad season. The offshore species are divided by bottom fishing or trolling. Charter captains target snapper and grouper on the bottom and marlin, wahoo, tuna, sailfish, and dolphin on the surface trolling. 

One drawback to the Savannah area is the run time to bluewater due to it being extremely far from the coast. Boats travel over 60 miles to reach the gulf stream which is certainly a long haul. Be prepared for an extended day of fishing on offshore charter boats but fortunately they offer excellent amenities for comfort. Conversely, inshore fishing is so productive fish are caught from the dock or bank. 

What Fish Are Biting In Savannah, Georgia

The inshore fishing is hot year-round. Booking a charter captain is nearly a sure bet to having a successful day. Captains will move from spot to spot because phenomenal fishing spots are located within close proximity to each other. Expect to catch flounder, redfish, shark, and sea trout throughout each season. 

Offshore fishing is subject to seasonality. As a result of offshore fish being highly migratory, they come and go as the water warms and cools. The coldest months of the winter are slow for bluewater fish. These months include December, January, and February. The most highly productive months are June through August. 

Depending on the type of fishing you prefer to engage in, plan the time of year that you come for a visit. 

How Do You Find A Fishing Charter Near Me

Finding a fishing charter in the Savannah area is a simple task. Utilise the internet by searching fishing charter near me when you are in Savannah.

A complete list of inshore and offshore fishing charters will pull up on the screen. Always remember to read reviews. 

In addition to the internet, visit marinas in the Savannah area and ask who is most highly recommended. Word of mouth can be the best option. 

What Are The Best Inshore And Offshore Fishing Charters In Savannah

Rather than taking the time to search for or ask who the best inshore and offshore fishing captain is in Savannah. We have narrowed the list for you. 


We have personally fished with Captain Josiah Riffle of Southern Saltwater Charters. Josiah is arguably the best inshore captain in the area and has been featured on fishing shows. 

Southern Saltwater Charters runs a 26’ Avenger Bay boat and offers four, six, and eight-hour trips from Willmington Island. Captain Josiah will put you on the fish in short order. 


Miss Judy Charters features both inshore and offshore fishing adventures. The company has a solid reputation in the savannah area. 

Check out the long-range 14 to 16-hour trips in bluewater for marlin, dolphin, wahoo, tuna, sailfish, and more. Remember, the trip is long and therefore, you will likely encounter rough seas. Anglers who are prone to seasickness should remain at the dock to avoid spoiling the trip for everyone. 

Are You Ready To Head Out On A Fishing Charter Near Me In Savannah, Georgia

Having the opportunity to head out on the water with friends and family is a memory that will last a lifetime. Remember, if the budget comes into factor, the inshore charter will come at a substantially lower cost. Not only will you increase your chances of catching fish by booking a charter, but you will be allowed to bring all legal fish home to cook for dinner. Fresh fish is hard to pass up.