North Carolina is home to the man-made lake called Lake Norman. The lake is conveniently positioned near the city of Charlotte. During the year 1964, the construction of the lake was completed. In its entirety, the lake boasts over 500 miles of shoreline and 49 square miles of surface area. As a result, there is ample room to spread out and catch fish. Fortunately, there are a significant number of highly qualified charter captains who run service on the lake. Here are some tips for finding a fishing charter near me on Lake Norman.  

What Kind Of Fish Are In Lake Norman

Despite the lake being located near the foothills of the mountains, the water temperatures remain water, thus eliminating some of the cold-water species such as trout and walleye. 

Lake Norman has a large variety of fish species, including bluegill, crappie, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, perch, flathead catfish, channel catfish, and blue catfish. Since there are many species, charter captains can pick a species that has been the most active. However, most captains know how to put prized fish in the boat despite challenging fishing conditions. 

Is Lake Norman Good For Fishing

Absolutely fishing is good on Lake Norman. Anglers flock from the city of Charlotte to escape the everyday hustle and bustle to target fish on the lake.  

Two of the larger fish species found in Lake Norman include the flathead catfish and blue catfish. Anglers enjoy catching cats because of their size and fight. However, don’t over the excellent bass and crappie fishery. None stop action can be had when fishing for these two species. 

What Fish Are Biting At Lake Norman

Catching fish on Lake Norman is highly dependent on the water temperature. Anglers catch fish year-round but are forced to make adjustments as the season changes. 

Hiring a charter boat guide will eliminate moving from spot to spot in efforts to locate fish. Captains are honed in on where the fish will be and what they will bite. Generally speaking, the fish move deep during the winter months to seek warm water before heading shallow in the spring as the surface temperatures climb.

Avoid wasting time and learn from the best by hiring a guide. 

How Much Are Fishing Guides On Lake Norman

Fishing guide rates are highly dependent on the number of guests boarding the boat and the number of hours spent on the water.

Expect to pay between $150 for a short two-hour trip and up to $550 for a full 8 hour day with five or more people on board. 

What Is The Biggest Fish Caught In Lake Norman, NC

The biggest fish ever caught in Lake Norman is an 85-pound blue catfish. Not only is it a lake record, but it is also a state of North Carolina record for blue catfish. 

How Do You Find A Fishing Charter Near Me

Considering Lake Norman is a popular destination for tourists and locals, many fishing charters are available in the area. 

The simplest method is by using an electronic device. Search fishing charter near me when you are in the Charlotte area. A complete list of options will be available. Call a couple of companies because they tend to book up quickly in the summer months. 

Word of mouth is a second option and likely the most reliable. Hearing a recommendation from a person compared to reading reviews is far more credible. Venture onto the docks or ask around as you explore the area. 

What Are The Best Inshore And Offshore Fishing Charters On Lake Norman

Rather than finding a captain on your own, we have a couple of recommendations for the more highly qualified experts in the area. 

Fishin With Gus is a fantastic option because Gus is one of the more versatile captains on the lake. Gus will target a variety of species, unlike the majority who focus on one particular fish.

Book a trip ranging between 2 and four hours aboard Gus center console fishing boat. Fortunately, there are multiple pickup locations, so Gus will find a spot that is most convenient for you in addition to being near the fishing grounds. 

Hop onboard the 22 foot Sea Pro center console with Captain Chris. Captain Chris of The Carolina Angler is highly decorated, having won both bass and catfish tournaments.

The Carolina Angler targets bass, catfish, crappie, and white perch. Captain Chris is reasonably priced is more than happy to share his knowledge with you. 

Are You Ready To Head Out On A Fishing Charter Near Me On Lake Norman

Whether you are looking for a record catfish, a tussle with striped bass, or a boatload of crappie, Lake Norman offers it all. A charter captain near me will help put you on the fish in short order because they have learned the fish habits over many years. Both locals and tourists should plan a day of fishing out on the lake.