Situated in the southern portions of coastal Georgia, just north of the Florida state line is Cumberland Island. This island is the biggest of all of the sea islands in the state. Measuring in at over 17 miles in length and a total of 56 square miles, it is a vast island. Native Americans were the first to inhabit the land 4,000 years ago. Today, the piece of land has been established as the Cumberland Island National Seashore.

This is mainly because the Carnegie family owned and deeded most of the land to the National Parks Foundation. Some still own homes or property; however, agreements are in place that the property will be turned over to the National Park Service.  

What is offered for visitors of Cumberland Island in coastal Georgia today?

Cumberland Island National Seashore offers unmatched beauty because of scenic views, wildlife, and expansive beaches. One of the primary reasons people plan a visit is to see the horses roaming the land freely. Beyond horses, other great activities include:

  1. Fishing– Both saltwater and freshwater fishing opportunities are available with a valid fishing license. Your fresh or saltwater license can be purchased on the Go Outdoors Georgia website. 
  2. Hiking– The island has a lot to explore. Hike on the 50 miles of trails that encompass the barrier island. 
  3. Biking– Travel by bike to see more in a short period. On island rentals are available. The daily rate is $16, and overnight is $20.
  4. Beaching– The island’s beaches are home to turtle nesting grounds, beautiful seashells, and birds. 
  5. Guided tours– Various tours are offered by experts on the history of the island. This includes visits to some of the original structures built. Visit the National Park Service Tours page to learn all that it offers. 

How do you get to Cumberland Island National Seashore?

This piece of land is only accessible by personal craft or ferry. Parking is available at the Cumberland Island Ferry in Saint Mary’s, Georgia. The journey to and from the island on the ferry is 45 minutes long. 

The ferry schedule is highly dependent on the season. The summer months have trips running more frequently, while the cooler winter season is more limited on ferry runs. Visit the Cumberland Island Ferry to see the current schedule. Note that you are required to arrive one hour before departure. 

Tickets can be purchased online by visiting Cumberland Island Ferry. The ticket prices vary based on age.

One Way Tickets:

The age range of 16 to 61- $15

Senior tickets 62 and over- $14

Children 15 and under- $ 10

Five years and younger- Free

Bike fee to transport a personal bike one way- $10

Upon entry on Cumberland Island, a fee is required from the National Parks Department. For those who are 16 and older, the entrance cost is $10. Under the age of 16, no fee is assessed. The payment entitles you to a week of entries. The fee can be paid online at ahead of time or upon admission. 

The island can be visited for the day, or five campsites are available for overnight stays. The nightly cost ranges between $9 and $40. If you plan to camp, it is essential to understand that you cannot purchase supplies once you are on Cumberland Island. Everything must be brought with you. Furthermore, the trash that is accumulated must leave the island with you. Reservations can be made by visiting the recreation website. 


Whether you’re making the journey for the day or an overnight stay, Cumberland Island National Seashore has an abundance of adventures to pursue. The opportunity to see coastal land that is mainly undeveloped will bring you back to the day when the Georiga shoreline was uninhabited. The island’s wildlife and history are a must-see. Plan your trip to Cumberland Island.