Offshore fishing in South Carolina holds nearly all of the most highly sought-after pelagic fish species. In addition to the mahi mahi, you can also find blackfin tuna and yellowfin tuna, wahoo, cobia, marlin, and swordfish. Don’t limit yourself to just Sout Carolina, mahi mahi is also found in the Atlantic waters of North Carolina and Georgia.

What is a Mahi Mahi fish?

The term mahi mahi is most often used in the waters of the pacific. Many people in the southeastern United States refer to them as dolphin fish. Another frequently used term is dorado. These fish are incredibly bright in color, especially when feeding, provide a spectacular battle, and are great to eat. 

How To Identify a Dorado Fish

The dorsal fin of a mahi mahi runs the entire length of the body, and that and the upper half of the fish can be colored brightly from green to blue and is interchangeable. Below the center point of the fish, the skin changes color to yellow. Dark-colored spots are found throughout. 

A male and female are simple to distinguish from each other. The male’s head is blunt, while the female’s head is rounded. You will be left amazed at the colors when you see them swimming in the water. 

Where To Catch Mahi Mahi

The dolphin fish or mahi mahi is widely distributed along the east coast of the United States.

Beyond South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina, they extend as far north as Massachusetts and down through Florida. Anglers find the most success catching mahi mahi between Virginia and Florida. Beyond the east coast of the United States, they are found almost worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters. 

Can You Catch Mahi Mahi From Shore In South Carolina

Whether you are a local to the state of South Carolina or visiting from out of town, anglers venture to the coast for the opportunity to catch fish.

When catching mahi mahi in South Carolina, the fish are found off the coast from the top to the bottom of the state. One of the most popular destinations in South Carolina is Myrtle Beach. Take advantage of the abundance of fishing charters for mahi mahi fishing myrtle beach

Many people ask can you catch mahi mahi from shore in South Carolina and the answer is no. When it comes to how far offshore to catch mahi mahi, mahi mahi are a blue water fish that is found offshore at the nearest between 30 and 60 miles from the coastline.

How Big Do Dolphin Fish Grow

Small mahi mahi tend to gather in schools while the large dolphin runs solo or partnered as male and female.  Schooling dorado average a couple of pounds up to twenty pounds. Single dolphin can exceed fifty pounds, and the male is most often larger than the female. 

Mahi Mahi Fishing Season In South Carolina

Mahi mahi fishing is seasonal off the coast of South Carolina. The state of South Carolina does not have a closed season on fishing for mahi mahi otherwise called dolphin. The best season is between May and August. The slow season is November to December and January to March.  

How To Catch Mahi Mahi

This type of fish prefers to find offshore floating structures because it holds food. Weedlines and floating debris can be your ticket to landing a large dolphin or finding a school.  When trolling, drag 30-pound tackle in the blue water or near debris. The baits include artificial lures or rigged ballyhoo. Once a fish is hooked, look for a school swimming in with it. Be prepared to throw cut bait from spinning reels. It is not uncommon to land over 50 dorado fish in one school. 

Are Dolphin Fish Good To Eat

Mahi mahi is excellent to eat. The flaky white flesh is mild in taste but yet full of flavor. Dolphin do have a bloodline in the fillets, which is a dark-colored section. Cut the bloodline away before cooking and consuming. 

The meat is so versatile and, as a result, can be cooked in a variety of ways. Some of the favorite cooking methods include grilled mahi mahi, blackened mahi mahi, stuffed dolphin, broiled dolphin, and about any other way that you can imagine. 

Tips For Filleting A Dorado

A dolphin fish is filleted very similar to that of any other fish; however, on tip can save a significant amount of time. Don’t try to skin the fish with a knife. The skin is thin and will easily be cut through before removing all of the skin in its entirety. Instead, make a small cut around the entire fillet without cutting deep enough to remove it. Peel up a corner of the skin near the tail, grab it firmly by hand or pliers, and pull the skin to the head. The skin will be removed this way as an entire sheet. 

Should You Head Offshore To Catch Mahi Mahi In South Carolina

One requirement to fishing for dorado is having a large boat that should be equipped with dual engines. The run time to blue water is long. It can take over an hour to reach it from shore. If you have the tackle and boat to do it, it’s worth your time between May and August when the populations are highest. Don’t forget your gaff because you may run into one or more gaffer dolphin.