One of the most popular ramps for boaters in Savannah, Georgia, is located at Butterbeach Beach. The launch allows access to numerous destinations by watercraft. In addition to things to see, the inshore fishing is exceptional. Whether you are coming from out of town or local to the area, Butterbean Beach offers a ramp called Rodney J. Hall with all of the amenities a boater could ask. Here is what to see when launching a boat from Rodney J. Hall boat ramp at Butterbean Beach.

What Does The Butterbean Beach Boat Ramp Offer For Boaters

The ramp is located in Savannah, Georgia, off the Diamond Causeway near Isle of Hope and Skidaway Island. 

Rodney J. Hall boat ramp offers ample parking for tow vehicles and trailers. In addition to the expansive parking, the lot is well lit by light posts. Utilize the two ramps divided by grass and a dock extending out over the water. 

On your way into the ramp, fill up the boat at the Chevron gas station at the corner of Furgeson Avenue and Diamond Causeway. After filling up with gas, head over to the Kroger grocery stores to pick up lunch, snacks, and drinks. We recommend parking behind the store as the lot is tight and crowded. 

After picking up the essentials, you are just two and a half miles from Butterbean Beach and the Rodney J. Hall Boat Ramp.

Anglers should note that a bait store is positioned within steps from the boat ramp. Bring a bucket and load up on live shrimp to take advantage of the fertile fishing grounds. 

Lastly, remember not to leave anything behind to avoid returning to the dock and wasting time. 

Wassaw Island

During the daylight hours Wassaw Island is an excellent destination by boat. Wassaw offers beaches on the north and south end, hiking trails, and ample wildlife. 

We recommend approaching the island from the north side of Wassaw. Ample beach is available for boaters to anchor and swim or walk to shore. Make sure to venture into the creek on the backside of the beach. Wade into the sun-warmed water, but remember to shuffle your feet to avoid being stung by stingrays. 

When anchoring, pay out ample line from the bow and set a stern anchor to prevent the boat from swaying away from the beach.

Fish Tales Restaurant

One of the best waterfront restaurants in the area is Fish Tales. Fish Tales provides ample entertainment between the outdoor space and delicious food. 

When venturing from the Butterbean Beach Rodney J. Hall boat ramp, depart the dock in the Skidaway River towards Moon River. At the mouth of Moon River, head towards the open ocean on the Vernon River. Next, make the pass from the Little Ogeechee river into the Ogeechee River. Head inland, and the restaurant is on the left side. 

While you’re at Fish Tales, order up local seafood harvested fresh from the surrounding waters. 

Shark Tooth Island

Bring the whole family to Shark Tooth Island in the Savannah River. The island is notorious for treasure hunters signing for a bucket full of sharks teeth. 

Despite the distance, the journey from Butterbean Beach to Shark Tooth Island is scenic and easily navigable. 

Depart under the Skidaway Island bridge toward the Willmington River. Once you reach the Willmington River, turn to port. Remain in the river until it dumps into the Savannah River shipping lane. Anchor on the inland side and venture to the beach to explore. 

Inshore Fishing

The inshore fishing surrounding Butterbean Beach is phenomenal. You won’t need to travel far to find fish. 

Anglers catch redfish, flounder, sea trout, sheepshead, black drum, and more along the marsh grass, oyster beds, and small creeks. We suggest tipping a hook with live shrimp beneath a popping cork while casting spinning rod and reel combinations. 

In addition to bending a rod, the waters around the ramp are home to blue crab. Blue crabs are caught by handlining chicken necks or deploying ring nets over the side of the boat when the tide is slack. 

No matter what type of fishing you are engaging, remember to purchase a Georgia saltwater fishing license before casting a line or dropping a net. 

Precautions When Boating From Butterbean Beach

When boating in the Savannah area, be highly cautious of tidal changes. The tides are capable of fluctuation over nine feet. As a result of the extreme tidal shifts, a significant amount of water moves in or out. As a result, strong currents present a challenge anchoring and swimming. 

Lastly, follow navigational equipment or charts closely. Change in depths occurs rapidly, and groundings are common in the area. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. 

Use The Rodney J. Hall Boat Ramp At Butterbean Beach

Launch your boat from the Rodney J. Hall boat ramp at Butterbeacn Beach, whether you are local or visiting from out of town. There are excellent destinations to visit by watercraft when launching from Butterbean Beach. Explore what the coastal region of Savannah has to offer.