Situated near the Georgia and South Carolina border is Bird Island, otherwise known as Shark Tooth Island. The small piece of land nestled between the South Challen Savannah River and the busy shipping lane of the Savannah River. However, don’t confuse the island as Shark Tooth Island South Carolina when it lies in Georgia. The island is a popular destination for locals and who go by personal watercraft in addition to out-of-town visitors on tour boats. Learn what you need to know about Shark Tooth Island.

Is Shark Tooth Island Natural

Bird Island is not a naturally formed island. The formation of the land is from the spoils of dredging the Savannah River. 

As a result of the ships that venture in and out of the busy port, the river must maintain depth deep enough to handle the deep drafts. The Army Corps Of Engineers dredged the channel and built the island in 2013.

While Shark Tooth Island is a popular destination for boaters, the purpose was to create nesting areas for Colonial Waterbirds. These varieties of birds have suffered habitat loss. The island provides the birds with the opportunity to build nests. 

Where Is Bird Island (Shark Tooth Island) Located

The island is positioned directly between Tybee Island and downtown Savannah on the Savannah River. So if you’re looking for best place to find shark teeth on Tybee Island explore the options to visit Shark Tooth Island Savannah ga.

Numerous creeks and cuts feed into the island’s vicinity, allowing for access from surrounding coastal towns. 

When coming from the south, such as Skidaway Island, Wilmington Island, Thunderbolt, or Isle Of Hope, utilize the Wilmington River because the northern end dumps into the Savannah River close to the island. 

Make a short jaunt to the right before the end of the Wilmington River and into St. Augustine Creek. Once you pass through Elba Cut, the Shark Tooth Island anchorage area is on the right side before venturing into the main channel of the Savannah River. 

How Do You Find Sharks Teeth On Shark Tooth Island

Locating teeth on the island is easy and fun. Bring along a hand shovel and a bucket or sifting grate. 

There is plenty of room to spread out, so you will not need to crowd fellow shark tooth hunters. Walk at a slow pace while keeping a sharp lookout for teeth on the surface of the sand. Stop occasionally and dig and sift. In short order, you will find teeth and perhaps even a megalodon tooth. 

Make sure to have a storage container for the teeth. A zip lock bag works great, especially when the occasional small tooth is dug from the sand.

What Is The Best Tour Company That Takes Visitors To Shark Tooth Island

One of the biggest challenges is finding how to get to Shark Tooth Island ga, without owning a boat. The best tour company is out of the Bull River Marina. Shark Tooth Fossil Hunting adventure takes up to six guests per trip. 

Due to the local tides, the departure times vary. Shark Tooth Fossil Hunting only visits the island during low tide due to the water covering the beaches at high tide. 

What Precautions Must Be Taken When Visiting The Island By Personally Owned Boats

While the island provides entertainment for the entire family however, you must know how to get to Shark Tooth Island Savannah and follow precautions to keep everyone safe. 

Low Tide

Only visit the island at or near low tide. During high tide, the beach is nearly non-existent. You and your friends and family will not find teeth because the walkable area will be submerged in water. 


The Savannah area is known for swift currents as a result of significant tidal changes. We recommend anchoring the vessel close to the beach with a bow and stern anchor. 

Also, when entering the water, be aware that the current can and will set a swimmer down when caught off guard. Head directly to the beach when entering the river. 


The Island is home to coyotes. We have encountered coyotes that have walked within feet of our group of people. 

Should a coyote approach you, appear big in stature and yell. The animal will run off into the woods. 


Massive ships pass within a hundred yards of Bird Island. Be aware that a passing ship will draw water away from the island, leaving a boat high and dry on the seabed until it passes—anchor with ample depth below the vessel.

Lastly, ships create significant wakes. Be prepared for large waves breaking on the shore and rocking the boat tremendously when visiting shark island Savannah.

Are You Ready To Visit Shark Tooth Island

Wether you are a local to the Savannah area or traveling in from out of town, Shark Tooth is a must see. Despite the island being positioned near the state line, it is not Shark Tooth Island SC but instead Georgia. The island is conveniently located and can be experienced through a tour or private boat. Remember, the both the water temperatures and air temperatures drop during the winter months so the summer and fall is the best bet. After a day of treasure hunting, you will have something to show friends and family back home.