During the daylight hours, anglers are recognizable when fishing by boat or from the banks of the shores. In Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, there is ample opportunity to catch fish between the lakes, rivers, streams, inland, and offshore coastal waters. Rather than casting a line during the day, consider venturing to your favorite fishing hole after the sun has set. Here is what to know about night fishing. 

Is Fishing At Night Good

Yes, fishing is good at night because they become more active and do not encounter as much disturbance from people using the body of water.

Another reason fishing is good at night is because they feed more aggressively. Take advantage of the evening hours to increase your likelihood of catching fish. 

Can Fish See Lures At Night

The ability for fish to see lures after sunset is reduced. The sun causes the lure to reflect while traveling through the water, catching fish’s attention. While fish can see at night, they do not see as clearly.

When fishing in the dark, choose baits that vibrate or create sound when it comes. The sounds will draw the fish to the lure and increase the likelihood of a strike during the night. 

A second option is to fish in areas where dock, shore, or underwater lighting brightens the waters. Gamefish are attracted to artificial light because the light draws baitfish. 

Cast a lure from a point beyond the range of the light and allow it to pass through the illuminated area. Repeat the process until a fish strikes the lure. 

Do Fish Bite At Night In The Ocean

Yes, fish bite at night in the ocean. Anglers head to offshore waters during the nighttime hours when targeting bottom fish off the coasts of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. 

Anglers focus on the nighttime hours because of the ability to chum bottom-dwelling fish, including grouper, red snapper, and other snapper up from the seafloor by deploying chum. During the day, the fish are more skittish and remain on the reef or wreck. 

Flatlining is a common practice at night. Flatlining is deploying a bait on a hook beneath a ⅛ ounce egg sinker while leaving the reel’s bail open and allowing it to sink freely from the surface. Fish that are drawn up on the chum slick strike the baited hook. 

Why Do Fisherman Fish At Night

There are two primary reasons why fisherman fish at night. The first is because fish venture towards the shore during the nighttime hours to feed. Bait congregates along the shore and on shallow flats. Fish become less weary and swim up from the depths to feed shallow and along the banks. 

The second reason anglers fish at night is because they avoid baking in the heat of the sun. The sun’s rays are powerful, and it causes anglers to sweat profusely and risk becoming burned, particularly during the summer months. Anglers escape the heat and sunlight by fishing at night. 

What Time Is Best For Night Fishing

At the moment the sun sets to gamefish do not instantly swim towards the shore. The process is long; therefore, it is best to wait three to four hours after darkness sets. It is challenging to say an exact time as official sunset varies by season. 

Remember, lakes, oceans, rivers, and inland waters are busy with boat traffic and swimmers during the day. With all of the commotion, fish remain low in the water column. Once traffic has died off, gamefish venture toward the surface. 

What Do You Need For Night Fishing

Here are critical items that anglers should pack when venturing out fishing from shore or on a boat during the nighttime hours. 


As obvious as it sounds, seeing in the dark is the most significant obstacle fisherman face. Always remember to bring a flashlight when shore fishing and ensure boat lighting works before departing the dock. 

Rather than holding a flashlight wear a headlamp. The band secures around the head and is paired with a light to allow you to remain hands free.

Glow Sticks

One of the most popular methods of presenting bait is beneath afloat. Floats become impossible to see at night. Purchase glow sticks and attach them to the bobber to determine when a fish strikes and the float dips under the surface. 

Safety Gear

First off, when fishing at night by land or boat, go with a friend or family member. The likelihood of being rescued during the dark is significantly reduced, and anglers become disoriented more quickly after the sun has set. 

Wear a life jacket and avoid leaning over the side of the boat or standing on slippery banks. Lastly, secure a glow stick to your clothing, allowing you to be spotted in an emergency. 


During the night, temperatures fall without the heat emitted from the sun’s rays. Pack an extra layer of clothing to avoid becoming cold while night fishing. 

Are You Ready To Head Out Night Fishing

Fishing at night is not only productive but helps keep anglers safe from the dangers of the sun. Always pack flashlights and a spare set of batteries, or your fun adventure will become a challenge. Purchase a freshwater or saltwater fishing license to avoid becoming ticketed by authorities. Lastly, remain safe by lowering the chances of falling into the water.