Every boat owner knows it comes a time when the boat needs to head into the shop for routine maintenance or an unexpected repair. The boating seasons in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are long because of the early spring and late fall. As a result of the long season, boats have a lot of wear and tear. When something goes wrong or when it’s time for service, you need a boat mechanic you can rely on. How to find a boat mechanic near me in Savannah, Georgia.

Why is it essential to have a mechanic you can trust

It is crucial to have a boat mechanic you can trust because, most importantly, your safety relies on it. Being stranded because of a mechanics’ incompetence or haste can be a dangerous situation

Beyond safety, no need to waste valuable time away from the water while the boat is laid up in the shop. Some repair shops have more than one certified technician to keep the turnover time to a minimum. 

The last important factor is cost. Don’t overpay for a job that can be done much cheaper and just as well by another mechanic. Make sure the work they are quoting needs to be done. Always consider getting a second opinion.  

Are mobile boat mechanics available

Yes, mobile boat mechanics are available to service boats. What is better than having them come to you plus you can supervise the work. To find a mobile boat mechanic, use the internet by searching any of the following mobile marine mechanic near me, mobile boat repair near me, mobile boat mechanic near me, mobile marine mechanic, or mobile boat mechanic. Any of these will give you a full list of options to chose from. 

Chose from these three boat repair near me in Savannah

Here is a list of the three best mechanics in the Savannah area when choosing a boat mechanic near me.

Hale Marine Services

When it comes time to service your engine, Hale Marine has you covered. They have convenient hours Monday through Friday and an excellent reputation. 

Hale Marine Services repairs inboard, outboard, and trolling motors, so it is a one-stop-shop. Beyond keeping the engine running, they also offer convenient services like canvas work, bottom painting, electronics installations, and more. 

If you’re not equipped with a trailer, Hale Marine Service will come to you. When you’re in the shop, check out the stereo systems, marine navigation electronics, and fishing gear they have on display. 

Coastal Boating Center

This company is a top boat dealer in the area. Beyond selling boats, they are also a reliable resource for service. 

Coastal Boating Center is an authorized dealer of Suzuki engines if you’re looking for a refit. Beyond a new engine installation, they are highly qualified in the repair of Suzuki engines in addition to other makes as well. 

Gillis Marine & Associates

Situated on Thunderbolt Island is Gillis Marine & Associates. They are a full-service shop that offers more than just engine repair. 

When it comes time for an engine upgrade, consider Gillis Marine, a distributor of Suzuki engines. Beyond having Gillis Marine service your motor, they also repair trailers, electrical wiring, and more. 

So what is the best boat repair near me in Savannah, Georgia

When it comes time to decide on a marine mechanic in the Savannah, Georgia area, we recommend Hale Marine Services. They not only offer a wide range of services to limit your out-of-service time. Beyond all that they offer, Hale Marine Services is dependable. They have a solid reputation for delivering quality for a fair price.  Give them a call and see how soon they can get your boat in the shop to avoid wasting unnecessary downtime.