Boating is becoming more and more popular every year because people want to enjoy time on the water. Whether watersports, fishing, or cruising peak your interest, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia have an abundance of bodies of water to enjoy the activities. Vessels are in high demand, and the question always exists. Boat dealer vs. private seller what is better?

The Importance of A Boat Loan

When considering purchasing a boat, understand that they are available when buying a vessel. Watercraft can be large or small investments, but a boat loan for private sale or dealer sale will make it easier to get on the water sooner rather than later. Along the way, questions will be answered such as how to buy a used boat from a private seller.

Can You Get A Boat Loan For A Private Seller

Do you ever wonder how to finance a boat from a private seller? Loans for buying a used boat from a private seller are available. Credit unions and banks will provide a loan when purchasing a vessel from a private seller. Because banks and credit unions offer secured boat loans, the boat loan private seller will extend for 20 years.

Can You Get A Boat Loan From A Boat Dealer

Most boat dealers will offer boat financing in-house. Applying for a loan through the dealership will save you time when compared to seeking a loan elsewhere. Keep in mind that you may find a better interest rate if you shop around.

Pro’s And Cons To Purchasing From A Boat Dealer

Purchasing a boat from a dealer has its benefits and drawback. Learn the positives and negatives of going this route.

Pro’s To Buying From A Boat Dealer

When purchasing a new boat from a dealer, they will handle many aspects that go into getting you on the water. The registration, warranty, and delivery will be taken care of upon purchase.

For used boat buying, more often than not, the warranty will have expired.  Almost every boat dealer will tack on a 30-day guarantee in the event problems arise. Make sure to bring the vessel back in the shop with even the slightest mechanical or other type of concern before having to come out of pocket.

Cons To Buying From A Boat Dealer

A con to buying a new boat from a dealer expect to pay top dollar. However, make sure to haggle the price to avoid overpaying.  Used crafts can be far less costly even if it is only a year old.

Fortunately, most dealers will provide a 30-day warranty. Despite this guarantee, it can be hard to determine if the engine was properly cared for before its resale. Try to buy a craft that is still under factory warranty.

Pro’s And Cons To Purchasing From A Private Seller

Utilizing resources to find private party boats for sale is an easy process. Private party sellers can beneficial or have drawbacks.

Pro’s To Buying A Boat From A Private Seller

A private seller will not offer new boats, but they can be nearly new. Some boat owners fall into financial distress or other situations that force the sale of the vessel. It is likely to find a boat that is still under factory warranty at a fraction of the cost of buying new from a dealer.

Lastly, the process of how to get a boat loan for private seller is simple and straightforward. Visit your local bank or shop online for rates and get approved.

Cons To Buying Boat From Private Seller

Again, it can be challenging to know how well the boat was maintained except for cosmetic wear. Have the vessel inspected by a mechanic before committing to purchase. The cost of a mechanic can save thousands in the long run.

A second issue that you may run into is a lost title. The title needs to be present to complete the sale. A missing title can delay you from acquiring the boat. A replacement title will take time to acquire.

So What Is Better A Private Seller Or A Boat Dealer

The answer is twofold, so you should answer the question yourself. Purchasing a boat from a private seller will save you money. Avoid a dealer and buy a recent model boat still under warranty. On the other hand, now boats can only be purchased from dealers. When buying a used boat out of facatory warranty, for a better piece of mind, utilize a dealer because the craft will come with a short guarantee. No matter the situation, remember that you can obtain a boat loan for private seller or dealer.