First, as a kid I will tell you that I really enjoyed boating which turned into a career as a captain in private yachts. Without question, I was introduced to boating by a multitude of family members who owned vessels. Today, my passion is shared by my children. There are a multitude of reasons why kids love boating. Learn the top 5 reasons. 

The Waves: It Feels Like A Trampoline

One of the biggest reasons that my children enjoy spending a day on the water is because of the motion of the sea. 

Without question, the movement of the boat depends highly on the wave conditions. My wife prefers smooth water while the kids wish for big rolling waves where they feel the boat climbing up one side and falling down the other. 

As a captain, I never wished for rough seas because it made navigation more difficult. However, it is easy to understand that the waves are a primary reason why kids love boating. 

Looking Into The Water 

Interestingly, when my wife and I first met, she noticed right away that I would always take the opportunity to look into the water on a boat or along the shore. 

I’ll admit, as an avid angler, I enjoy catching a glimpse of fish cruising beneath the surface. Apparently, I never grew out of spotting marine life below. 

Depending on where you’re taking your family boating, the water clarity will vary. However, in areas with clear water, kids love to gaze down to watch fish. Again, this is another reason that kids love heading out on the water. 

The Opportunity To Steer The Boat

My kids will ask everytime we get on the water to steer the boat. Unquestionably I let them sit with me at the helm to steer the wheel and follow the chart plotter. In fact, my ten year old son can follow course lines with ease and avoid oversteering the boat. 

As a boat owner with kids, don’t hesitate to let them steer the vessel in areas that are not confined and has a minimal amount of traffic. Without a doubt you will create a new level of excitement if you havn’t allow kids to drive yet. However, I do suggest that you only let them steer and not control the throttle as well. 

Spotting Wildlife

My family and I are fortunate to live in area with an abudance of wildlife. In coastal Georgia we have a large population of dolphin, birds, wild pigs, deer, and more. 

No matter where you live, kids love the opportunity to spot wildlife while cruising on a boat. One of the more common types of animals is migrating birds. The bird populations change depending on the season. With that said, kids can catch a glimpse while being seated on the bow of the vessel. 

Swimming From The Boat

Another primary reason that my kids like boating is swimming from the boat. We give the kids a couple of options. First, we offer the opportunity to anchor out in the open water and jump in over the side. Secondly, anchoring the boat off the beach so they can wade onto the shore. 

Without question a simple pool is fun however, jumping from a boat is far more exciting for kids. Importantly, remember to pack the proper sized life jacket on each trip. 

When To Introduce Kids To Boating

As a kid, I was strapped in a car seat that was attached to the seat of a boat. You can never start kids boating at too young of an age. 

It should be noted that while kids are growing up, boating will make them continue their interest, compared to introducing them to boating as they get older. 

Importantly, you’ll want to boat in the proper areas depending on the age of the kids. Avoid rough seas with small children where they will easily become knocked down and develop a fear. Additionally, traveling at high rates of speed may be uncomfortable. 

Conversely, older kids will be more interested in rough open waters at fast speeds. Consider brining a long a tube, water skis, or wakeboard

Lastly, read how the kids are reacting to your speed and the conditions. Adjustments can always be made to prevent them from becoming anxious. 

Kids Love Boating

Fortunately, my passion for being on the water turned into a career. While most kids who boat as a child won’t choose to become a captain, boating can develop into a lifelong hobby. No doubt about it, there are more reasons why kids love being on the water in addition to these five.