When you stroll past a yacht club or a large vessel at the dock, most wonder what is in the interior. Exteriors are visible, so the mind is left to wonder about the fit and finish inside. These vessels can range in many sizes, from a mega yacht to sixty-foot princess yachts. No matter what the size, the interiors are typically customized for the owner. What does a yacht interior look like.

The Main Entrance

No matter how big or small, whether you’re walking on a 230-foot Fedship or sixty-eight-foot Viking yachts, the aft doors typically enter into a large area called the salon. The salon is equipped with a pop-up television, comfortable seating, and amazing views of the waters around you. However, as we all know, there is much more to see beyond the main entrance.

The Galley

Sport cruising yachts and sportfishing yachts typically have the kitchen, commonly known as a galley, attached to the salon. However, a ship’s galley is distanced from the salon, and a bar generally is in its place.

The galley on yachts is well equipped with ample refrigeration and freezer space, induction burners, griddle tops, ovens, and storage space for provisions. Large vessels have a spacious kitchen to move around. After all, at any given time, there could be quite a few people to feed and provide food for.

Guest Quarters

Depending on the size of the yacht, the guest quarters can vary in size and capacity. Some Yachts are equipped with four or more cabins. The bathrooms, otherwise known as heads, are in each stateroom. The stateroom heads are well-appointed with bidets, granite showers, double sinks, and most importantly, a view. However, the crews bathrooms are going to be quite a bit different than the guest quarters on most yachts.

Crew Accommodations

On yachts, the crew has its own area in the forward section of the boat below deck. Here you will find staterooms with each containing a head and two beds.

Beyond the sleeping areas is what is known as the crew lounge. The crew lounge is stocked with food in the fridge, snacks, a television, laundry machines to handle crew and guest’s linens, and a large seating area to watch a movie or eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

If you are lucky enough to spend some time on a yacht, however, the crew’s quarters are likely not going to be a place you will see. After all, this is where the work gets done on the boat and most crew will hide that from the guests.

Dining Salon

A formal dining area is standard on most yachts one hundred feet and over. The dining area is typically at the bow of the boat, with panoramic views. Behind the table, cabinets are in place to store silverware, plates, napkin rings, chargers, and crystals.


The wheelhouse of a yacht is where the captain drives the boat. This area is equipped with high-end navigational equipment and is typically well above the waterline. On large vessels over 100 feet, the wheelhouse will be located on the interior with an additional steering area on the flybridge, while smaller yachts may have the wheelhouse outside.

Additional Lounging Space On Yachts For Guests

While the vessel’s size will impact how much space is available to guests, some of the other areas may include an interior forward and aft lounge, master cabin for the owner, and fore, aft, and elevated exterior decks. Some yachts are equipped with landing pads for helicopters, hot tubs, and swimming pools.

Behind The Scenes Action On Yachts

Yes, a lot goes on behind the scenes. Most stern areas of yachts offer garage-type parking for tenders and jet skis. Forward is a place called the line locker, all of those big heavy lines that secure the vessel to the dock are stored in this area. Both of these areas are crew only.

Now You Can Picture The Interior Of a Yacht

The life of a guest, when compared to a crew member, may be much different. However, keep in mind the crew is still living aboard a multi-million dollar floating mansion. The team is trained professionals who know the boat’s interior inside and out in the event of an emergency. Crews are in place to ensure the guests enjoy every moment of the experience. Rather than picture it, charter a yacht or become a crew member to live life aboard a yacht.