As a former captain who ran boats based out of South Florida I routinely exited and entered numerous inlets. Some of the most notable include the Haulover, Boca, and Boynton inlets. With that said, Wavy Boats sets up shop with drones, to catch a glimpse of operators traversing the treacherous waterways. The conditions of the inlet are highly dependent on the stage of the tide in addition to the strength of the wind. No matter if you’re into boating or not you’re going to want to check it out. However, if you are a boater, don’t get caught on camera making bad decisions. 

Out Of State Residents Frequent The South Florida Inlets

Despite having moved out of South Florida and up to coastal Georgia, I still drive boats on an occasional basis out of these inlets. 

Without question, South Florida is one of the most popular boating destinations in the United States. In the event you’re a boater, and you’re utilizing the inlets, you are going to want to know how to drive through them safely. Poor decision making when the crew is filming will likely lead you to going viral online. 

Why Watching Wavy Boats Is Entertaining

I’ll start by saying nobody should get excited about risking lives when navigating inlets while being filmed. Most of the recordings are operators making poor decisions compared to capsizing, watching people struggle to stay afloat. 

The primary reason that I like watching the YouTube channel is because of my familiarity with the inlets. These inlets will shift your boat in certain directions like clock work based on the tide. I knew how to handle them like the back of my hand. 

Boaters Get Excited To Be Filmed

It is not uncommon for people to desire being posted on a popular YouTube channel navigating a treacherous inlet. 

When the operator smoothly exits or enters an inlet and gives a wave or a nod, it shows confidence in their abilities. However, failing to navigate the inlet properly while being filmed is an entirely different scenario. For the most part, the entertainment comes from the captains who make poor decisions. 

The Content Is Fresh

The YouTube channel Wavy Boats is constantly posting fresh videos to keep the audience engaged. Rather than long gaps between new videos, you can rely on them to continuously add new videos. 

Boat Identification

Today, there are countless boat manufacturers on the market. With that said, Wavy Boats frequently posts the type of boat that they are recording when posting a video. 

For me personally, I find this information helpful because I can learn how the boat handles various types of conditions. Take the guesswork out of boat identification because they will let you know the make and model in most cases. 

What Not To Do If You’re Being Recorded

Unfortunately there are more things that you should not do compared to what you should do when being filmed. Save yourself the embarrassment by avoiding these mistakes if the crew is posted up at the inlet recording. 

No Bow Riding

It is baffling why operators allow passengers to sit on the top of the gunnel of the bow. The risk of going overboard is incredibly high. Beyond going overboard is them coming in contact with the hull or motor. Furthermore, the overboard passenger will require rescue. 

First, you should never allow bow riding but secondly don’t do this especially if you’re being filmed in an inlet. 

I’ll take it a step further. Move your passengers back from the bow seating. Countless passengers switch from cheering on the camera to being tossed up in the air or swamped by waves over the bow. 

Read The Waves And Adjust Your Throttle

Without a doubt it is baffling to watch operators run full throttle through a washing machine of an inlet. Not only are boats prone to going out of control but you risk injury or severe damage to the boat. 

Instead of racing in or out, watch the waves and adjust your speed accordingly. You’ll want to look like an experienced professional compared to a weekend warrior

Maintain Your Vessel

One of the more heartbreaking scenarios is when a vessel breaks down while transiting inlets. In some cases boats fail unexpectedly in other situations because they were not properly maintained. 

Unfortunately, some operators have been filmed washing up on the beach after a breakdown. For this reason, always perform routine maintenance to avoid the embarrassment of being filmed and paying for a costly tow. 

Tune Into Wavy Boats And Be A Smart Operator

For me it is two fold, I enjoy watching Wavy Boats but don’t want to be a spectacle on the YouTube channel. For this reason, you need to be smart when transiting South Florida inlets. The inlets are dangerous places which is why it is an excellent place to film boaters.