Despite the lake being positioned on the North Carolina and Virginia border, it is considered the largest lake in North Carolina. The body of water measures a surface area of 50,000 acres. Despite NC residents referring to the lake as Kerr, Virginians refer to the reservoir as Buggs Island Lake. Just what exactly is Kerr or Buggs Island lake, and what is there to do?

What Is There To Do In Kerr Lake NC

There are many things to do when visiting Buggs Lake. The most popular options include bringing along the boat to engage in water activities, including fishing, tubing, or cruising.

Book a fishing charter for the family and have the opportunity for a full day of rod bending action from a local captain.

Visit the parks dotted along the shoreline to hike, fish, camp, swim, and explore nature that lives along the shores of the lake.

Get some exercise by renting a kayak or paddleboard and venturing out onto the lake. 

Can You Swim In Kerr Lake NC

Yes, absolutely swimming is allowed in the lake. There are numerous points of access to launch a vessel or take a car to swim from the banks of the lake. 

One of the most notable locations for swimming is Kerr Lake State Recreation Area. When you visit the park, you can pick between an extended stay or a day trip as the grounds include a campground suitable for RV’s, tents, and trailers.

Both day-trippers and campers can swim from recreational areas reserved swimming section, launch a boat, and set up a picnic. 

Is Lake Kerr Clean

Otherwise known as Buggs Island Lake, the waters are are extremely clear and clean. Boaters can enjoy seeing down in the depths of the lake floating on its surface. 

In addition to enjoying the lake from a boat, beachgoers have the opportunity to explore sandy shores with clear waters to wade and swim on hot summer days. 

What Is The Deepest Part Of Kerr Lake

At a maximum, the lake reaches 100 feet in depth. Considering the vast number of reservoirs spread across the United States, Buggs Island Lake is shallow. 

The average depth of Kerr Lake measures 30 feet; therefore, you will find both shallow and deep areas as you navigate the reservoir. 

What Kind Of Fish Are In Kerr Lake

There is a wide selection of fish species in the lake. Anglers have the opportunity to target striped bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, black crappie, white bass, white perch, and three varieties of catfish, including the flathead, blue, and channel. 

Believe it or not, the lake holds monster-sized catfish. Anglers flock to the lake for their shot at catching 50 plus pound cats on the floor of the lake. Some of the best baits include stink baits, nightcrawlers, and cut baitfish. 

What Are The Nearest Major Cities To Kerr Lake

Whether you are a native to North Carolina or Virginia, two major cities are within a reasonable distance from Kerr Lake. 

North Carolina residents escape the city life of Raleigh for weekend getaways. The drive time is just one hour from the center of the city to the shores of the lake. 

Despite Richmond, Virginia, being positioned two hours from the lake, it is a popular destination for city residents. 

Remember, don’t you can’t enjoy all that the lake has to offer by venturing in from other states and cities across the United States. 

Can You Drink Alcohol On Kerr Lake

The consumption of alcohol while boating on the lake is legal as long as you remain within the legal limits set by the state. However, a substantial amount of waterfront recreational areas prohibits alcohol consumption while on the park’s lands. 

Are You Planning A Trip To Kerr Lake, Otherwise Known As Buggs Island Lake

Whether you live in North Carolina or Virginia or visiting from out of state, the lake is well worth exploring. Some of the best times of year to come are during the summer and fall. The water temperatures peak in July and August, but the fall foliage lining the lake is a real treat for boaters cruising the shore.