One of the most widely known cruising boats in the southeastern United States is Sea Ray’s. The vessel is commonly used in saltwater and freshwater in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Families enjoy the combination of comfort and the sporty ride. The hull design is highly maneuverable and fast. Are Sea Ray boats a good buy?

Who Manufactures Sea Ray Boats

The brand was first formed in 1959 by Ray Industries. Ray Industries manufactured the boats in Michigan. After 27 years of manufacturing under the Ray Industries name, Brunswick Corporation bought Sea Ray.

Interestingly enough, Brunswick Corporation had intentions of selling off the brand. However, the decision was reversed, and instead, the brand was revitalized by shifting production efforts. 

Over the years, the company produced numerous models above the 40-foot range. Brunswick Corporation revitalized the brand during the potential sale to focus on designing and building models in the 19-40 foot range, powered mainly by outboards compared to inboards.

Fortunately, the sale and discontinuation did not occur because Sea Ray has a significant group of boat owners who are loyal to the brand. 

Are Sea Ray Boats Good Quality

The brand has a reputation to uphold due to its long history in the marine market. As a result, Brunswick takes pride in the engineering and construction of Sea Ray’s.

The corporation manufactures a significant amount of other boat brands in addition to Sea Ray. Due to the size of the operation, Brunswick Corp hires skilled professionals in deck design for comfort, engineering for safety, and naval architects to achieve the best possible ride. 

In addition to a highly skilled workforce, the company is particular about testing and finish upon delivery. The vessels not only undergo a series of rigorous safety checks, but the corporation takes pride in using quality materials fine finishes. New Sea Ray’s turn heads. 

Are Sea Ray Boats Expensive

When you’re in the market for a new or used boat, consider the many models. Fortunately, there is a wide range of options at various price points, making them competitive in cost.

Brunswick Corporation manufactures a Ray suited for your needs, whether you are searching for a small lake boat to participate in watersports or a rugged offshore vessel to travel up and down the coast.

The price ranges range between 30,000 to over a million dollars when shopping for a new model. Depending on your budget, visit a dealer to learn the best options for you and your needs. 

Keep in mind purchasing used is also an option. Each year, numerous people purchase a boat for the first time. However, they quickly realize the time, maintenance cost, and storage are too much to handle and sell within a year.

As a result of gently used boats coming on the market, a like-new Sea Ray can come on the market at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Even more appealing is the continuation of the warranty. 

Why Sea Ray’s Are So Appealing To Boaters

Sea Ray boats are appealing for a multitude of reasons. Most importantly, when you step onboard, you quickly realize the ingenuity in comfort.

The seating throughout is plush with fine attention to detail. All levels of comfort have been considered and incorporated into the design. Depending on the model, the amenities include spacious sun pads, swim platforms, aft dining tables, walk-in heads, and a state-of-the-art helm. 

Inexperienced boaters quickly realize the hull design is highly maneuverable and paired with ample power. As a result, the boat is responsive when operating in tight quarters such as marinas.

Lastly, the finish is top-notch. The boat, no matter the size or model, has a sleek look. When combining the comfort, maneuverability, and sexy appearance, it is no wonder why the Sea Ray is a big seller.

Are You Ready To Shop For A New Or Used Boat

The Sea Ray models are an ideal family boat. Get the grandparents, kids, and friends out on the water to enjoy watersports, cruising, beaching, and more. One slight drawback is the ability to fish. While fishing is enjoyable aboard the boat, anglers risk damaging the ample seating with sharp hooks. Visit a local Sea Ray dealer near you to check out the new and used models available.