Hilton Head Island in South Carolina is loaded with restaurants serving locals and tourists. The island is home to a significant resident population and a strong tourism market, especially during the spring, summer, and early fall. Despite the endless dining options, few stand out against the rest. We have had the chance to dine at Hudson’s on numerous occasions, and it stands out against the others. Here is what you need to know about Hudsons Hilton Head, the island’s best restaurant. 

Where Is Hudsons Hilton Head Located

Visitors and residents come from near and far to visit the island’s waterfront restaurant called Hudson’s. While you have waterfront dining options on Hilton Head we recommend Hudson’s.

Hudson’s is located on the banks of Skull Creek, just four miles from the base of the bridge leading onto the island.

Off island residents in neighboring Bluffton, South Carolina, frequent the restaurant while enjoying the views of the water.  Historic Savannah, Georgia, is just 45 minutes away, and it is not uncommon for visitors to spend a day at the beach before dining at Hudson’s.

Can You Get To Hudsons Hilton Head By Boat

Rather than taking a car to the restaurant, hop on a boat and catch a glimpse of dolphin and other marine life.

Boaters have to opportunity to stop in Hudson’s for a meal after a day of cruising, fishing, or engaging in watersports. 

Ample dock space is available for boats of varying sizes. A ramp leads from the water up to an elevated outdoor bar and patio built like a pier. 

Remember to check in with the hostess at the main entrance when planning to sit at a table. The host or hostess will seat you but expect to wait, especially during the season between April and September and in the evenings. 

After dark, when leaving by boat, operate cautiously and remember to turn on your navigation lights. 

Does Hudson’s Have Plenty Of Parking Space

Restaurant parking becomes troublesome at restaurants across the island, particularly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings when the number of guests peaks out. 

A small parking lot sits near the entrance to the waterfront restaurant. Here you will find twenty to thirty spaces but transiting in and out is troublesome, mainly when the restaurant is at max attendance. 

Hudson’s on the water neighbors Skull Creek Boathouse restaurant, part of the SERG restaurant group. SERG owns multiple restaurants on and off the island. 

Skull Creek Boathouse owns a massive parking lot and is steps from Hudson’s. While the space is not intended to intermingle, venture over to the other side to find a space when necessary. 

Who Owns Hudsons Hilton Head

The building was constructed in 1912 and operated for decades as a seafood processing plant before transitioning to a restaurant. 

Part of the restaurant is built upon oyster shells shucked during the years as a seafood processing plant. 

Today, Andrew Carmines, the son of Brian and Gloria Carmines, owns and manages the restaurant. Brian And Gloria purchased The Oyster Factory before changing the name to Hudson’s.

However, Hudson’s is more than just a restaurant. The family owns an oyster farm and transitions soft shell crabs in tanks adjacent to the outdoor seating. 

We have had the opportunity to get an up-close look at the tanks holding blue crabs and the shrimp boat tied to Hudson’s dock.

The restaurant serves up thousands of gallons of fresh local oysters and shrimp to hungry guests from near and far. 

What Should You Order When Visiting Hudsons Hilton Head

First, let’s just say don’t assume you have to like seafood to find something on the menu. However, you can’t go wrong with any of the seafood options if you do. 

Hudson’s is known for offering the freshest fish options from local anglers. We recommend the fish of the day and have had it numerous times. 

While you’re in order up the local Hudson’s owned farmed oysters or a soft shell crab when visiting during the right season, typically in the spring. 

When it comes to cost, seafood is always higher because of the time and effort required by commercial fishermen. Expect to pay more for a seafood dish than a burger or chicken sandwich, which are both excellent. 

Check Out Hudson’s Hilton Head You Won’t Go Wrong

We have dined at the majority of the Hilton Head restaurants and can attest to the fact that Hudson’s reigns supreme. The combination of the food and waterfront setting is unmatched. Make sure to grab a seat at the outdoor bar or table on the pier when the weather cooperates. Order up fresh local seafood as you will notice the quality.