The waters off of Hilton Head, South Carolina area provide excellent opportunities for deep sea fishing trips. A wide range of deep sea fish species can be caught, ranging from bottom fish to surface feeders out in the blue waters well off the coast. The next time you’re visiting the area, consider a Hilton Head deep sea fishing experience aboard a charter boat.  Here is everything you need to know about Hilton Head fishing charters

What Type Of Deep Sea Fish Can Be Caught Off Of Hilton Head

Many different types of fish can be caught deep sea fishing in Hilton Head, depending on if you’re bottom fishing or trolling. Here are the most common fish you can expect to catch on a Hilton Head fishing charters boat.

Bottom Fishing

Depending on how far offshore the charter boat travels, the species of bottom fish include sharks, amberjack, sheepshead, redfish, flounder, red snapper, other snappers, and grouper. 

The farther the boat travels, the more likely you are to catch snapper and grouper. 

Blue Water Trolling

Blue water trolling will require a sixty-mile run to reach these waters. Once the trolling begins, anglers have a shot at catching white marlin or blue marlin, sailfish, dolphin fish, blackfin tuna, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo. 

Do You Need A South Carolina Fishing License And Equipment Aboard A charter

No, you will not need to obtain a South Carolina saltwater fishing license before the trip. The charter boat has the license covered. Equipment will also already be aboard the fishing charter boat. 

Can The Fish That Are Caught Be Kept

Yes, the captain will keep the fish as long as they meet the state’s requirements for size, seasons, and limits. 

After a keeper-sized fish is caught, the fish will be placed in a cooler. Once the boat is back at the dock, the captain will fillet the fish and bag them up to take home. 

To prepare the fish fillets for dinner, look up cooking methods for the type of fish caught. Some of the easiest and best recipes include grilled fish, broiled fish, and fried fish. 

How Much Does An Offshore Fishing Charter Cost In Hilton Head

The cost of an offshore fishing charter is highly dependent on the type of fishing you will be doing. Trips that are offshore but within close range will be lower in cost because of the time and reduced fuel burn. Long-range trips to blue water will be much higher. Expect the price to range between $600 for nearshore and $1,800 for offshore. 

Keep in mind that most charters will allow up to six guests. With six guests, the costs can be divided amongst each other. 

What Should You Bring With You On An Offshore Fishing Charter

Keep in mind that in South Carolina, this summer can be sweltering, and the winters can reach near-freezing temperatures. Dress appropriately for the conditions of the day.

Whether it is hot or cold, sun protection is critical wear hats and reapply sunscreen throughout the day to help prevent sunburns. 

What Are The Best Deep Sea Fishing Charters In Hilton Head

We recommend the three following deep sea fishing charter out of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. 


The 23-foot Palmetto fishing boat named Catmandoo is run by either Captain Jim or Captain John, depending on the day. 

Catmandoo and its crew are flexible when it comes to serving young anglers. Book a nearshore trip for kids and those prone to seasickness or a blue water adventure out to 100 miles offshore. Captain Jim and Captain John are very accommodating. 

When it is time for your fishing trip, Catmandoo departs from Skull Creek Marina on the northern end of Hilton Head Island. 

Integrity Charter

If you’re looking to ride in style on your deep sea fishing trip, look no further than Integrity Charter. Captain Mike Russo runs a 38 foot Hatteras sportfish. 

Captain Mike specializes in long-range trips to fish the Gulf Stream waters off of the South Carolina coastline. 

Integrity Charts is located central to the island on Simmons Road. Book well ahead of time during the prime seasons such as May, June, and July. 

Bulldog Charters

Captain Christiaan of Bulldog Charters runs a beautiful 32-foot custom boat. He has fished the Hilton Head waters for over 25 years.

Bulldog Charters will run nearshore and long-range trips as requested. The boat is docked on the northern end of the island near Hudson’s restaurant. 

Captain Christiaan offers many different offshore trips, so don’t be afraid to ask his opinion on what is best for you and your guests. 

So Which Is The Most Highly Recommended Hilton Head Deep Sea Fishing Trip

The most highly rated deep sea fishing guide service on Hilton Head Island is Bulldog Charter. Captain Christiaan is a great angler and runs a gorgeous boat that will provide comfort for everyone. Always keep in mind that offshore waters can be rough. Avoid losing your money from having to return to the dock as a result of seasickness. Stay nearshore or use medication to help alleviate motion sickness.