Most boaters in the South get into their routines where they know exactly what they will do each time they head out on the boat. Although this may become comfortable, it can also be a bit boring after a while. The good news is that there are tons of things that you can do on a boat. Some of these are obvious (our number one choice), and others you may not have thought of. Take a look at this list of 19 things to do on a boat and decide for yourself how you are going to spice up your next anchors up adventure. 

1) Fish 

Fishing is one of the most obvious things to do on a boat, so we got it out of the way fast. Fishing is fun, exciting, and will take hours of time to pass without you even realizing it. This is especially the case if you are bringing fish in. If you have never tried fishing off of your boat, it may be worth looking into, it can add a completely new element to the world of boating. 

2) Eat & Drink

No great boat trip is complete without a properly stocked cooler. Bring your favorite food and drinks out on the boat for a meal or a happy hour. We love doing appetizers on the boat. They are fun to serve, easy to display on a cooler or boat table, and you can relax, enjoy and conversate while eating and drinking. Don’t head out on the boat without the proper provisions. 

3) Read 

Reading while on the water is one of the best ways to pass the time. You could not plan to be in a better setting than out on your boat reading a great novel. Our only suggestion here is to stay away from the Jaws book. Boating, swimming, and the Jaws story don’t really mix. 

4) Work 

With the ability to work from anywhere, why not work from your boat. You will have to work out a bit of the kinks when it comes to wifi but that is certainly possible. Working while out on the water may inspire you and help you come up with some new ideas. If nothing else, you won’t be able to complain about the view from your cubicle. 

5) Water Ski 

This option should really include any kind of water sport. From your boat, you can go tubing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, or even through a stand up paddleboard over the side. There are many ways to stay entertained while on the water if you are a sporting type of person. 

6) Swim 

Swimming is a great thing to do while on the boat. In fact, you can combine a few of our options, jump in for a swim and then repeat. How about this for a way to spend a weekend afternoon? Always make sure that you are aware of where you are swimming and the boating traffic that is around you. There are certainly good and bad areas to swim while out on the boat. 

7) Search For Wildlife

Part of the beauty of being out on the water is the wildlife that is all around you. In the low country area, you can see dolphins and stingray swimming right past your boat. Look up to the shoreline and see if you can find a bonnethead shark searching for his lunch. Don’t only look down to find wildlife while out on the boat; there are lots to see in the air as well. 

8) Call Friends and Family 

If you are out on the boat by yourself and enjoying some time to yourself, maybe you want to call your friends and family to catch up. You can facetime and show them your surroundings or simply take the opportunity of being away from the hectic side of life to catch up with those that mean the most to you. 

9) Meet up With Other Boaters

Boaters all have at least one thing in common; we love boating. If you are interested in meeting up with other boaters and enjoying time with people on the water, it shouldn’t be hard to do. Local marinas may even have boating clubs where you can meet other people and decide if you want to meet up with them out on the water. Being social in boating is entirely your decision, but there are many ways to do it if you so choose. 

10) Snorkel 

Depending on what the water is like around you, you can jump off the side of your boat and see what is in the water below. Snorkeling is fun, but it can be hard in some of the darker and murkier water. This may only apply to certain areas where the water is a bit more clear. Regardless always follow safety precautions when snorkeling. 

11) Explore

Do you always take the same route every time you head out on the boat. This is not at all necessary. Take a new route one day. Bring along your depth finder and take a look at a chart before you go, but spend some time exploring. You may end up finding a new spot that you love to anchor and enjoy the scenery. Certainly, you won’t know until you try. 

12) Head to a Restaurant

Depending on where you are boating, there could be some great local restaurants. If you are in the Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, or Savannah areas, there are some excellent waterfront dining areas that will allow you to spend time on your boat but also enjoy a restaurant. These are great day trips to make and worth the extra fuel burn to get to a restaurant via boat as opposed to car. 

13) Take A Nap 

As long as your boat is off, secured properly, and you know you are safe with the tides, how about taking a nap while out on your boat? This is a great way to get caught up on rest in a tranquil and beautiful setting. 

14) Sunbathe

Although you must be careful about the sun and protecting yourself, spending a bit of time soaking in the Vitamin D is essential as well. Make sure that you take regular swim breaks and that you have an area to escape from the sun a bit. Sunbathing is a great way to enjoy the boat, but you must make sure that you protect yourself as well. 

15) Play Cards

Have you ever thought to bring a deck of cards out on the boat? Playing cards is just as much fun while you are out on the water. If you plan to be out there for quite some time, you can maybe even bring a board game along. 

16) Explore A New Island

Part of the fun of being on a boat is having the ability to explore places that you can’t get to via car or vehicle. Take your boat to explore a new island. Anchor up properly, get out, and enjoy the area. If you are in the Georgia and South Carolina area, there are so many spots that you can do this and enjoy the wildlife that is all around you. 

17) Watch A Sporting Event 

If you have Wifi on your boat, you can bring along a sporting event to watch as well. Enjoy the Masters or an NFL game from the comfort of your boat. You will have to work out the technical details of this, but it is entirely possible. 

18) Enjoy the Sunset/Sunrise 

Although boating without full light can be a bit difficult, keep in mind that the sunrise and the sunset can add a whole new element to your day out on the boat. The lighting, the wildlife, and the view will be completely different than any other time of day. In addition, you will likely be one of the few boaters on the water, and you can enjoy another level of calm. 

19) Disconnect from Electronics 

Last but not least is that you can spend time on your boat to disconnect from electronics. Turn your phone off, turn the iPad off, stop worrying about work and Facebook or Instagram. Keep yourself disconnected for a bit and see what it does for your mental health. We can almost guarantee this will be time spent that you do not regret.