Lake Hartwell is divided between both South Carolina and Georgia. With over 900 miles of shoreline and 87 square miles of surface area, there is ample room to spread out and catch fish. There are numerous charter boat captains on the lake, and each is highly qualified to put you on the fish.  Here are some tips for finding a fishing charter near me on Lake Hartwell.  

What Fish Are In Lake Hartwell

Charter boat captains have plenty of options when it comes to targeting fish on Lake Hartwell. When it comes to Lake Hartwell fish species it holds hefty populations of freshwater fish varieties. 

Anglers on the lake catch walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, bluegill, sunfish, crappie, rainbow trout, perch, Lake Hartwell catfish including flathead catfish, and channel catfish. With all of the varieties, charter captains can pick and choose the fish that has been more active for a more successful day of fishing. 

Is There Good Fishing In Lake Hartwell

Yes, Lake Hartwell offers some of the best fishing opportunities in both Georgia and South Carolina. 

With such a wide variety of fish species, anglers from around the nation visit the lake because it is a one-stop shop for both northern and southern types. Interestingly enough, the walleye are predominantly known as a northern fish; however, they are found in Lake Hartwell. Walleye make excellent table fare. 

What Fish Are Biting On Lake Hartwell

Fish are caught on Lake Hartwell during each season of the year. The primary difference in the seasons is where the fish are located. 

Lake Hartwell fishing guides follow the trends of the fish, so they can locate them during the heat of the summer or the coldest months of the winter. 

Depending on the season, the fish will move shallow or deep. Keep in mind, where the fish move is dependent on the type of fish. A substantial amount of knowledge is required to keep track of the migrations. Fortunately, charter captains will take away the guesswork. 

How Do You Find A Fishing Charter Near Me

Locating Lake Hartwell fishing charters is not a challenge with today’s modern technology. However, word of mouth can be your best bet in finding the right guide. 

To locate a fishing charter, use a phone, tablet, or computer by searching the internet for fishing charter near me Lake Hartwell. A complete list of options will pull up on the screen. Remember to pick a guide who is in the state in which you are staying. 

A second option is to visit marinas on the banks of the lake. Ask the marina staff or walk the docks where charter boats are returning from a day of fishing. Seeing is believing when it comes to picking the right guide. 

What Are The Best Inshore And Offshore Fishing Charters On Lake Hartwell

When it comes to finding the top fishing guides on Lake Hartwell, we have done the legwork to get you to the best captains.

Captain Brad of Fowler Fishing Guide Service is a highly decorated professional bass fishing angler. Brad has won numerous tournaments and is willing to share his knowledge and experience with the clients he books. Because of his accomplishments it qualifies him as an excellent fishing guide Lake Hartwell.

Fowler Fishing Guide Service is located at Portman Marina in Anderson, South Carolina. Brad supplies his clients with all of the necessary gear and instructions on how to catch fish. Remember to pack a lunch because food is not provided. 

One of the few captains to guarantee fish is captain Brian of Ricks Guide Service. Brian is confident that you will catch fish. He will only charge gas fees and return the charter rate because he has over 30 years of fishing experience.  

Hop on the 24 foot Kenner center console for a day of striped bass fishing with Captain Brian. Stripers grow large, so be prepared for a rod bending tussle with a bruiser. 

Head Out On A Fishing Charter Near Me On Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell has an incredibly diverse number of fish species which makes it a treat for anglers. Whether you want to fry up some panfish for dinner or battle a 50 plus pound catfish, you can do it all on Lake Hartwell. Fortunately, the guides grew up on the lake and, as a result, have fished it since they were children. With this amount of experience, they know how to find fish. Head out on a fishing charter near me.