A day out on the water by boat is hard to pass up. It is not uncommon to bring along liquor and mixes to create unique concoctions. Tropical fruity drinks fit the mood perfectly. It is important to pack the essential supplies to make the perfect mixture. However, remain smart and don’t overconsume alcohol because of the risk of an unpleasant outcome. Consider these top boat drinks the next time you’re on the water. 

Boat Drink Essentials

Without a doubt, you’re going to need the proper supplies to create the fun drinks. Remember, you’re not in your kitchen where everything is at your disposal.


You’re unlikely to visit a liquor bar that doesn’t have a mixer. The mixer is important to ensure the drinks are well blended before they are poured into the glass. 

Importantly, you don’t need to overpack. One mixer will do the trick. 

Shot Glass

I really should have the shot glass on the top of the list, but ultimately it fell second. A shot glass is fundamental in measuring the amount of alcohol poured per drink. 

Without question, measuring the amount of alcohol is important to avoid overconsumption. When possible, avoid glass to avoid it from falling and breaking. 

Cocktail Spoon

Although a cocktail spoon works similarly to a mixer, some prefer one versus the other method of melding ingredients. 

A cocktail spoon will allow you to mix from the depths of the cup to ensure the liquor and mixture are evenly spread. 


Ice is a critical component for making mixed drinks on the boat. I recommend bringing two to three bags of ice. Keep half in a separate cooler to be scooped up in glass after it has been shaken with the mixer. The rest is ideal to keep the mixers and fruit cold so they don’t melt the ice in your cup. 


The mixers are highly dependent on your taste preferences. Unquestionably, you have a lot of options when it comes to picking and choosing mixers. Some of the most notable are pina coladas, margaritas, bloody mary, mojitos, and more. 


To determine the type of alcohol you’ll need on board, it is highly dependent on the mixture. Pairing the correct alcohol with the mixture is essential for the best taste. 

I often prefer margaritas, especially when I am out on a boat. The margarita mix combined with tequila is refreshing and light. 


Leaving behind the drinkware won’t lead to a positive outcome. You’ll need a well-insulated plastic cup with a lid to hold your fresh concoction. 

I prefer to use Tervis Tumblers when I am making mixed drinks aboard boats. The drink stays cold and won’t spill with the lid in place. 


Don’t stop short of slicing fresh fruit to add a decorative touch to your glass. The best fruits to cut up ahead of time include limes, pineapple, cherries, bananas, coconuts, and more. I recommend packing them separately so the flavors don’t blend together. 

Best Boat Drinks

Look, you can make things more complicated than they need to be and brink along a blender. However, using mixers, liquor, and ice will do the trick, particularly while you’re on a boat. Here are the top 3 boat drinks. 


The most refreshing drink on a boat is a margarita. The tequila and lime mixture is my favorite. 

The process of mixing up a margarita is easy. Pick out your favorite tequila and add a shot to a mixer filled with ice. 

Secondly, pour the margarite mixture on top of the shot. Third, fill the cup with ice. Next, line the lid of the cup with salt. 

Lastly, shake the mixture before pouring into the cup with a fresh-sliced lime and serve. 

Pina Colada

Fortunately, the process of making a margarita is comparable to that of a Pina Colada. Follow the steps below while you’re out on the boat. 

Again, fill the mixer with ice before adding a shot of rum and pina colada mix. Shake the mixer well before pouring it into a cup filled with ice. 

The best fruit pairing for a pina colada is sliced pineapple. Add a slice or two inside of the cup or on the rim. 

Bloody Mary

One of the most widely known drinks around is the bloody mary. Bloody mary are often served in the morning with brunch but are perfect aboard a vessel. 

To prepare a bloody mary, fill the cup with ice. Mix a shot of vodka with a bloody mary mix until well blended. Pour the mixture into the cup filled with ice and serve with lemon. 

Be Smart When Making Boat Drinks

We all want to make the most of our day whenever we get to spend time on the water. However, it is important to be smart when mixing and consuming alcohol. 

Without question, combining the sun and the water is known to amplify the effects of alcohol. Unfortunately, before you know it, you are likely to reach an unexpected level of intoxication. 

The Operator Should Never Consume Alcohol

It goes without saying that the driver of the boat must avoid consuming alcohol. Although it is tempting, drinking and driving is a bad idea.

Unquestionably, impaired driving puts everyone on board at risk. The risk of colliding with other boats, running aground, or striking a fixed object is elevated. 

Nationwide, accidents occur across the country as a result of alcohol. Not only are you at risk of injuring yourself, but also your passengers and fellow boaters. Living with the consequences of seriously injuring or killing someone is impossible to let go of. 

Risk To Passengers When Intoxicated On A Boat

Just because you’re a passenger on a boat and not the driver doesn’t mean that you can be reckless. 

Intoxicated passengers are likely to sustain injuries for a multitude of reasons. The reasons include slipping and falling, being tossed overboard, heatstroke, or striking your head on solid objects. 

For this reason, it is imperative to limit the amount of alcohol consumed to avoid sustaining injuries or succumbing to heatstroke. 

Serve Up The Best Boat Drinks On The Water

One of the best products on the market designed specifically for boats is the Docktail Bar. The docktail bar is a bar caddie to make your life easier when making drinks. Remember to bring along all of the necessary supplies before departing the dock. Lastly, drink responsibly to avoid a serious situation from occurring.