Spending the day out on the water is an escape from the routine of everyday life. Adventures by boat can lead you to destinations that are personal paradises like secluded beaches or sandbars. As with any day off spent away from the house, pack your cooler full of frosty cold beverages, favorite hard liquor, and salty snacks. A new company has you covered to organize your floating oasis. Check out Docktail Bar and its line of products.

Whether you’re cruising around or anchored up, Docktail Bar offers a stable platform to store all of your consumable partying treats and beverages. With marine-grade construction including stainless steel hardware and starboard , these bars are built to last. For those of you who are unfamiliar with starboard, its necessary to understand whats its made of. Once you know how its constructed, you will quickly realize the longevity of Docktail Bars

Starboard is a marine plastic polymer and because of this it:
-Maintains its color and strength
-Maintenance-free as it will not delaminate or rot
-Easily cleaned
-Does not absorb moisture so it will not swell
-Holds its integrity with UV exposure
-Highly resistant to scratching and impacts

Docktail Bar offers applications for all types of vessels. Kick your party off with these adaptable bars for multiple hull types.
-Pontoon Boats
-Bowriders, Deck Boats, and Cruisers
-Vessels equipped with rod holders such as center consoles and sportfishing boats

When it comes to stability, Docktail bar has you covered. They offer various mounting types to include railing mounted, suction mounted, pedestal, or they can slide into rod holders and easily angled. 

The bar’s top side has openings to securely hold .75 liter bottles, 1 or 2-liter sodas and bottles, tumblers, and standard cans. 

Many boat owners have detail in mind. Customization options are available, including coloring, boat naming, and vessel manufacturing logos. This personalized touch adds style and is sure to be a head-turner.  

If you packed your lunch or have a grill portable grill simply place your plate on top and forget about using your lap. Each side of the Utility table is raised to avoid losing your meal to the unexpected wave. 

Not only is your bar available onboard the boat, jump in the water and don’t leave your drink behind. The floating Docktail Bar can be toated along with you as you meander through the water while staying hydrated. Fellow boaters will be jealous of the floating cocktail station. 

Now that a centralized station for drinks and snacks has been established, check out the accessories available to go along with it.

-Cutting board insert for slicing drink garnishings 
-UV face shields which block 93-95% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. The face shields can be worn up to twelve different ways. When washed, the colors will not bleed or run. 
-UVA/UVB 30 SPF sun sticks for your ears, lips, and face. These sticks are were developed to help protect fragile coral reef systems. 

No matter how big or small the party, these products make your life easier and gather everyone around for a great social experience. When you’re ready to make your purchase consider all of the accessories and mounting options available to best suit the application. Additionally, consider your most common drink of choice to ensure it will be securely held in the bar. Its convenience is unmatched.

The next time you’re on the water, your new toy will be gathering attention. Remember to customize it to your hull color or brand it with the boat manufacturer. The small details will make it as though it has been a mainstay from day one. With its quality and functionality, you will be using it for many years to come.