When it comes to boating, beaching, or exploring the outdoors in Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina, beer is often included in the cooler full of drinks. Despite chilling them in an iced cooler, most do not prefer warm cans or bottles. An effective way to keep a beer cold while drinking is by using a beer koozie. Beer koozies form a barrier between the warmth of the hand and an ice-cold bottle or can. Here is what you need to know about beer koozies. 

What Is A Koozie

Whether you are drinking an alcoholic beverage or other cold beverage from a can or bottle, the goal is to avoid the drink from becoming warm. 

When the warm air and hand contact the bottle or can, it begins to warm at a rapid rate. Beer koozies, otherwise known as beer jackets, prevent the liquid from becoming warm. A beer koozie provides insulation, thus preventing the can or bottle from reaching air temperature. 

Jackets or koozies are formed from various materials and are intended for not only alcoholic beverages, as the name implies. 

The purpose of the koozie is to create a barrier between the warmth of summer air and the human body. When reducing heat transfer, the liquid within the bottle or can remains chilled. 

What Is A Beer Koozie Made From

If you’re wondering what are koozies made of, koozies are composed of different materials, all serving the same purpose. The materials include foam, styrene, polyurethane, and neoprene. The most effective beer jacket is made from neoprene. 

Beer jackets are most frequently made from neoprene. Neoprene effectively prevents heat loss after a beverage is plucked from the cooler or refrigerator. Follow these steps for chilling beer in a cooler to chill beverages quickly and to super-low temperatures. 

Neoprene prevents the canned or bottled beverage from becoming warm and reduces the likelihood of dropping the drink.

Drinks plucked from a cooler is slippery from resting in a slushy bath of ice. Additionally, as drinks change temperature, they form condensation. Either condensation or cooler soaked cans and bottles slip easily from the person’s grip. 

To avoid dropping and wasting refreshments, slip on a neoprene beer koozie. The koozie does double duty by maintaining temperatures and providing grip. 

Do Koozies Keep Beer Cold

Think beyond an outer layer covering your drink. Insulation, whether it is in your home, cooler, clothing, serves the purpose of preventing warmth from reaching the interior. 

The question of whether koozies, otherwise called beer huggies keep beer cold is a yes. Studies have been done to demonstrate how the layer of insulation increases the time the temperature turns from cold to warm. We have used beer jackets consistently and can attest to their efficiency. 

How To Clean A Koozie

First and foremost can you wash koozies? Anything we touch turns dirty from dirt, sweat, and grim, especially when lounging on the beach, boating, or fishing. 

In salt environments through coastal Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, koozies will become crusted in salt.

After a day on or near the water, it is essential to wash beer jackets. A beer cozy is easily washed in the washing machine. Follow these steps on how to wash a koozie in the washing machine. 

Step 1. Gather The Koozies

After returning home from the beach, boat, or shoreline, gather the dirty koozies from the packed bag or cooler. 

Step 2. Set The Washing Machine

Set the washing machine to a cold setting and gentle wash to prevent the koozies from becoming damaged. 

Step 3. Place The Koozies In The Washing Machine

Place the koozies in the washing machine and other things like towels and clothing before adding the laundry soap. 

Step 4. Turn On The Washing Machine

Turn the washing machine to the on position now that the detergent, koozies, and other items are within. 

Step 5. Remove The Koozies

Once the cleaning cycle is completed, remove the koozies and separate them from the other washed items. 

Step 6. Allow The Koozies To Dry

Set the koozies in the sun or other locations and allow the material to air dry. Air drying prevents deterioration of the materials the koozie is constructed. Allowing the beer jackets to dry naturally versus in the dryer is one of the most critical steps of how to clean koozies.

Step 7. Stow The Cleaned Koozies

The final step of how to wash koozies is to remember to return the koozies to the beach or boat bag after they are dry to ensure they are not left behind during your next outing. 

Beer Koozies Are A Must When Drink Canned Or Bottled Beverages In The Sun

Don’t let your drink get warm when you put on a beer jacket. The jacket provides a layer of insulation to reduce the time in which the temperature changes from cold to warm. For a unique touch, personalize beer jackets with the vessel’s name, slogan, or other insignia. Totally Promotional is a leader when it comes to koozie personalization. Don’t leave the koozies back home when you’re headed out for the day.