Pond automated fish feeders are critical in maintaining healthy fish sizes and sustaining the population. I live in a neighborhood with many fish feeders along the banks of public ponds. Without question, the feeders are highly effective at dispersing food when necessary. However, feeders do require attention. Interestingly, the fish become trained to feeding times and explode at the surfaces as soon as the food hits the water. Undoubtedly, it is a site to see. Here is what you need to know about automatic pond fish feeders. 

Benefits Of Automatic Fish Feeders

Automated fish feeders have a substantial number of benefits when mounted on docks or along the shore of a pond. Here is a breakdown of the top fish feeder benefits.

Fish Growth

One of the biggest benefits of an automated fish feeder is the opportunity to deliver food at regular intervals. 

Importantly, fish fed with feeders will grow larger at a faster rate due to consistency. Importantly, bigger fish means a better fight. Without question, anglers want to target bigger fish compared to undersized ones. 

I can tell you that the bluegills in my local pond are massive. However, they are reluctant to bite due to the regular feeding intervals. 

Low Maintenance

Without a doubt, the last thing anyone wants to do is regularly service an automated fish feeder. Fortunately, fish feeders are constructed with durability in mind. The outer housing of fish feeders is built to outlast the sun’s rays and rain, in addition to other weather conditions. 

Additionally, the feeders are powered by either battery, solar, or a combination of the two. Occasionally, the batteries require replacing when their charge runs low. 

A washing or rinsing of the fish food dispenser is not a bad idea. Washing the house will prevent long-term stains. 

Lastly, as to be expected, the food pellets require loading when the supply within the feeder runs short. 


Nobody has time in a day to visit the pond and push a button to dispense the food. For this reason, the fish feeders are capable of being programmed.

Depending on the unit, the automated feeder is capable of being set to run once a day or multiple times per day. 

The programming is made possible because of a built-in clock. Again, the time remains accurate because it is solar-powered or battery powered. 

In addition to scheduling start times, the duration of the feed can also be programmed. The duration of food dispensing is critical because it determines how much food the fish receive in a single feeding. 

Automatic Pond Fish Feeder Drawbacks

Unfortunately, despite all of the benefits of an automatic fish feeder, it also has its drawbacks. 

Automatic Pond Fed Fish Become Picky Eaters

One of the most notable negatives of a fish feeder is the fact that they become less likely to eat baits presented by anglers. 

My kids enter into a bluegill tournament yearly. The pond is considered the kid’s fishing pond because it is highly stocked with panfish and specifically bluegill.

Along the shores of the pond are a multitude of fish feeders that deploy fish food at the same time of day every day. 

Unfortunately, the fish become accustomed to eating fish food and are well-fed to help them grow large. So, when the kids cast a line with grubs, crickets, or artificial baits, they are reluctant to strike. 

That said, my kids catch a limited number of fish compared to the ponds that are not equipped with automatic feeders. 

High Quality Automatic Pond Fish Feeders Are Expensive

Automated fish feeders do not come cheap. In some situations, depending on the size of the pond, multiple feeders are required. 

Lower-cost automatic feeders are often not built with the same level of quality as compared to the more expensive options on the market.

I believe that you are better off investing in a high quality fish feeder versus a low cost automated fish feeder. The last thing you want is to find that the unit has failed. A high quality feeder is more likely to last years on end. 

One of the best feeders on the market is the Texas Hunter Fish Feeder. The Texas Hunter Fish Feeder holds up to 70 pounds of food, powered by a 12-volt rechargeable battery, and feeds fish up to 9 times per day. 

Feed Your Pond Fish With An Automated Fish Feeder

Simplify your life by using an automatic fish feeder for your pond. Not only will the fish be fed at regular intervals, they will grow large in size to put up a bigger battle for anglers. Importantly, ensure that the feeder is positioned and secured in a location where it will not tip and fall into the water.