Boat owners find humor in good names for vessels. No matter if you have owned a boat for a long time or are a new boat owner, it is an exciting experience to sort through funny boat names. One of the more popular options when it comes to naming watercraft is choosing an alcohol-themed boat name. Although slapping a name on a small boat, pontoon boat, cabin cruiser, or any other recreational vessel for that matter is not required by the US Coast Guard, it is often added for a good laugh. If you’re considering alcohol boat names, you will have plenty of options. 

Where Are Boat Names Applied To Vessels 

As a former boat owner, I found it exciting to add a name to the sides of my vessel. Although my center console fishing boat was not alcohol-themed, it was significant to me because I enjoy fishing. For this reason, I called my vessel Reel Dreams. 

When applying a name to a vessel, it is most often affixed in two different locations. The two locations are the stern and both sides of the hull. Here is a breakdown of the two locations.

Applying A Name To The Transom

​Without question, when walking the docks, it is clear that adding a name to the transom is a popular option. However, it is essential to have the right amount of space when applying the name so that it can be clearly seen and read. 

Beyond having the right amount of space, the back of the boat should be nearly flat so that when the name is read, it’s not at an angle. Additionally, the space for the name must be not only wide but long. 

The best types of boats to add the name on the stern are sportfishing vessels, inboard cabin cruisers, and yachts. Importantly, the boat’s name should not be added to cut transom vessels. A cut transom boat has limited space along the stern for a name. Unfortunately, when adding the name, it is typically unreadable. Lastly, the location of the home port is added beneath the name. 

Applying A Boat Name To The Hull

The vast majority of center console boats add the name to the port and starboard sides of the hull as compared to the transom or stern. Remember, outboard engines attach to the stern of the vessel, making it impossible to add a name to this area. 

For this reason, center console owners utilize the space on the port and starboard hull. Fortunately, no matter the size of the vessel, it provides plenty of space to affix a name. Importantly, it easily spotted by the boating world. 

High-grade commercial marine vinyl is the material used to create boat names. The vinyl is custom-cut based on the coloration and font the boat owners prefer. When I applied my boat name to both sides of the hull, the process was simple because the instructions were clear. A great way to make sure it is done properly is to ask a friend for help. However, understand that if you align the vinyl on the hull, it becomes a big deal. 

One of the biggest drawbacks to adding a name to the hull is that it becomes easily scratched and torn. As you know, the hull makes contact with the dock. For this reason, it is important to place fenders along the side to avoid damaging the hull lettering. As an avid angler, I unfortunately made small tears in the vinyl from weights and hooks. 

Why Are Alcohol Boat Names So Popular On Boats

Undoubtedly, alcohol-related boat names are popular among boat owners. Favorite boat names are associated with alcohol because of the partying and relaxed nature of boating. Remember, recreational boating is enjoyed when people are off of work. For this reason, it often includes indulging in alcoholic beverages while lounging in the sun, visiting the beach, fishing, or just cruising. 

​In addition to feeling relaxed on a day away from the office, boaters frequent waterfront restaurants and bars. It is not uncommon to see the docks of waterfront restaurants lined with boats on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays. I will be the first to admit I enjoy visiting waterfront bars with good company when I am not at work. Trust me, it is a lot of fun, but the operator has to avoid overindulging in alcohol because they are at risk of facing serious consequences. 

​Keep in mind that you are more likely to draw unwanted attention from law enforcement. They may assume it is a party boat. Furthermore, this is especially the case if passengers are seen drinking onboard the boat, although it is not a crime. For this reason, ensure that you have a designated driver. 

What Are The Best Alcohol Boat Names For Boats

What is crazy to imagine is the fact that the number of boat names associated with alcohol is endless. Some of the funniest boat names are associated with alcohol, and the best part about it is it makes people laugh. Often, people overlook how many vessels are titled in relation to beer, wine, or liquor, but often, the perfect boat name involves one of the three. However, not all are in good taste, as they may include a sexual innuendo. Check out the great options below if you’re planning to name your new vessel. 

Sea-n’ SipRosé Regatta
Booze CruiseCirrhosis Of The River
Pinot PirateCaptain Keg
Riesling RascalAbsinthe Adventurer
Cabernet CaptainChardonnay Chaser
Pina Colada ParadiseBeer and Buoys
Beer BargeAnchor & Amaretto
Tequila SunriseMojito Mania
Captain CorkNautical Negroni
Mai Tai MistressShip of Spirits
Wine KnotProsecco Princess
Margaritaville MarinerCorkscrew Captain
Gin ‘n’ TonicThe Tipsy Skipper
Drunk ‘n’ SailBoozy Buoy
Last CallCabana Cruiser
Tipsy GypsySailor’s Stout
Champagne CharmCaptain Cocktail
Bourbon BreezeBrandy Buccaneer
Rum RunnerAle Aboard
Vodka VoyagerShipfaced
Mojito MadnessCaptain Cabernet
Sailin’ & Ale-in’Rum Rowdy
Captain Morgan’s RevengeWhiskey Business
Whiskey Tango FoxtrotTeak & Tonic
Daiquiri Dreamer  Sailin Saloon

Remember, you can also come up with your own boat name. Good boat names created by a good imagination. Furthermore, some of the best boat names have yet to be thought of. 

​Have A Boat Naming Ceremony

No matter if you’re naming a new boat or renaming a vessel, it is always fun to have a naming ceremony. A naming ceremony can be done with friends and family alike. The ceremony should be done dockside so that the vessel can be taken for its first voyage after the name is applied. 

To have a naming ceremony, it is important to cover the new lettering before guests arrive at the dock or marina. Gather up supplies, including champagne, champagne flutes, snacks, and a pre-written speech. 

Once everyone has gathered, pop the champagne, say a short prayer, and unveil the new name. It is likely everyone around will wish you, as the boat owner, happy sailing. Once everyone has had a chance to have a glass of champagne, go for a short ride to commemorate the event. However, I would avoid going on the high seas because it leads to an unpleasant experience for those who get seasick

The good news is that you’re likely to leave a long-lasting memory with your friends and family. A good time will be had by all. 

Pick Your Boat Name

Now that you have a good understanding of name placement locations, why alcohol-related names are so popular, naming ideas, and the naming party, it is time to pick the perfect boat name. Clever boat names are easy to come by. Remember, great boat names may not mean something to someone else, but they can mean something to you as the owner. For this reason, don’t become embarrassed at the name of the boat if it’s what you like most. Alcohol boat names are funny and often relate to a particular beverage the owner prefers to consume.