Remaining safe and comfortable while on a boat is of the utmost importance. Accessories make your life as a boater easier and safer. As a former captain, I know what type of accessories made my life easier in day-to-day operations. Recreational boaters can benefit equally. Here are 5 must-have boat accessories before you let the lines free from the dock. 

Waterproof Phone Case With A Lanyard

On a yearly basis, phones end up in the water or become saturated from waves, rendering them useless and costing you money. Rather than destroy your expensive electronic device, I suggest utilizing a waterproof phone case with a lanyard. 

A phone case with a lanyard will not only protect your phone from dropping and getting soaked but can also save your life. Unfortunately, boaters end up in the water as a result of going overboard. Some are not able to survive, especially boating alone. 

With that being said, a waterproof case and lanyard will keep the phone within reach in combination with staying dry. You’ll be able to make an emergency phone call despite the boat drifting away. 

I recommend the Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch with Lanyard. The pouch is perfect for protecting your phone while you’re on the water. 

First Aid Kit

Undoubtedly, the operator and passengers are prone to scrapes and cuts while aboard the boat or swimming off the back. 

On a boat, passengers are prone to falling as a result of wakes, slippery decks, or rolling waves. Surfaces such as non-skid decks, windshield frame edges, and screw heads can cause bloody flesh wounds.

Rather than being unprepared in the event of an injury, keeping a first aid kit on hand will help remedy minor cuts and scrapes. Additionally, they can help prevent infection especially after making contact with sharp shells or other objects beneath the surface of the water.

The Surviveware Waterproof Premium First Aid Kit is ideal for boats because its contents are stored within a waterproof case. Additionally, it is fully stocked with supplies in the event of an emergency. 

Handheld Spotlight

If you’re operating at night, I highly recommend keeping a fully charged handheld spotlight aboard the vessel at all times. 

It is critical to be able to spot objects in the distance, including channel markers, floating debris, jetties, and more. A spotlight will do the trick. I recommend having a passenger on the bow handle the spotlight while the driver remains focused on operating the vessel. This is the best approach because the driver does not become overwhelmed with tasks.

The DURAPOWER Rechargeable Spotlight is perfect for boaters to light up the night sky. Additionally, it is rechargeable, so you can power it back up after any use. 

Tool Kit

You never know when you’re going to run into a mechanical situation when you’re away from the dock. For this reason, it is essential to have a tool kit onboard. 

The kit includes various tools, including screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, pliers, Allen keys, measuring tape, and more. 

Keeping the tool kit on the vessel will allow you to make necessary repairs when they are needed most. Remember, it is best to avoid a tow if you are capable of remedying the situation at hand. 

I have found kits to be highly useful, especially at times when I was offshore in the Atlantic Ocean. 

One of the best tool kits on the market is the DEKOPRO 228 piece kit. The kit is fully stocked with essential tools. 

Waterproof Bag For Personal Items

A waterproof bag can be a lifesaver when it comes to storing personal belongings. Unfortunately, even hatches can be prone to water intrusion as a result of condensation or spray. 

In order to keep your personal belongings dry, I suggest using a waterproof bag. This is especially the case if you’re boating in cold weather. Without question, you won’t want to put on an extra layer of clothes saturated in water. 

Without a doubt, the Earth Pak Waterproof Duffel bag is a good choice for boaters in rain or rough seas. Keep your contents dry by storing them in this waterproof bag. 

Keep The Must Have Boat Accessories On Hand While Boating

To make your day more comfortable and safe, I suggest keeping these 5 items on the vessel when you’re departing for the day. Fortunately, none of the gear is overly expensive, especially compared to the benefits each provides. Remember, some items can be left onboard, while others should be in a boating tote that goes along with you for each trip.