Boaters are all too familiar with traditional anchoring methods in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. However, technology has changed, allowing the boat to be secured with the push of a button. With the installation of a power pole, fisherman and pleasure cruisers can be anchored in a matter of seconds. What is a boat power pole?

What Does A Power Pole Do On A Boat

The purpose of a power pole on a boat is to secure the vessel in place without needing to deploy anchor from the bow. At the stern of the craft, the pole is mounted and is operated by the push of a button rather than the physical effort required to deploy and retrieve anchors. 

How Deep Can A Power Pole Go

When determining the depth that a power pole can secure a vessel, it depends on the model. Power anchoring systems range between four and ten feet. Therefore, depending on the unit, it may not be capable of holding the boat steady unless it falls within a range of zero to ten feet. 

When purchasing a power pole, first determine how deep the boat is frequently anchored. Secondly, consult a sales representative to be sure you buy the correct model to match the depth. 

How Does A Power Pole Work

The anchoring apparatus is secured to the transom of the boat. A hydraulic pump or electric motor raises and lowers the pole allowing it to contact the seafloor. At this point, the base of the electric anchor will drive itself into the seabed allowing for tremendous holding power. 

Fisherman or pleasure boaters can remain seated at the helm without pulling lines, chains, and anchors. The process is safer and is completed in a rapid amount of time. 

Why Are Power Poles Better For The Environment

At the bottom of the bay, sound, or marshy area where the boat is secured is marine life. Marine life is crucial to maintaining a balanced ecosystem. Traditional anchors will scar the seafloor by dragging across vegetation, thus killing important habitants of inland waters. 

The use of power poles avoids damage because the base penetrates the seafloor in a small diameter. Additionally, the boat is held firmly in place because the electric anchoring system does not drag. Anchors and anchor chains will cause widespread damage to seagrasses.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Power Pole On A Boat

When purchasing a power pole, the cost will vary based on how deep of water the unit will hold the boat in position.

The cost to purchase will range between $1,400 and $2,000. However, this does not include the cost of installation. Remember to factor in an additional $300 for a professional to install the device. 

What Can A Power Pole Be Utilized For

Anglers and recreational cruisers utilize power poles while fishing or lounging. Secure the vessel at your favorite fishing ground or the beach. 

When the pole is lowered, the sound is minimal. As a result, fishermen do not disturb the fish before a line is cast into the water. Therefore, anglers will be more likely to catch fish because they will not be spooked away.

Will Power Poles Hold a Boat In Rough Conditions And Tides

The design and construction of power poles are engineered to hold a boat despite rough water or strong tides. The poles are manufactured to be flexible but strong to prevent breakage even in the harshest of conditions.

Keep in mind that the anchoring system is only used in waters that are a maximum of ten feet in depth. 

Is It Worth Purchasing A Power Pole For Your Boat

The most significant benefit to purchasing a power pole is convenience. While the initial investment is high, the time savings add up in the long run. The occasional boater should steer clear of making this purchase, while an avid boater will reap the benefits week after week. Long story short, if you frequently navigate the waters buy a power pole.